Kusturica has compared NATO forces at the Russian border with Nazi


MECAVNIK (Serbia), 17 Jul – RIA Novosti. Famous Serbian Director Emir Kusturica compared concentrated near the Russian borders NATO forces with Hitler’s and wondered about their intentions.

“The whole world knows that Russia’s borders are much more serious military powers than Hitler. Unlike twilight, in which we had lived, today, thanks to the development of media, it is very well seen, not only to draw the appropriate conclusions,” — said Kusturica RIA Novosti.

“This is the secret of the imperfection that surrounds us today information. We know how much the army costs at the Russian border, but don’t know why. That is, we have not indicated any intentions,” he continued.

In Serbia on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the village of Mecavnik the fifth time the festival of Russian music “Great”, which was created by Kusturica in 2013.