The mayor of London urged to lower the status of the visit trump

Sadiq Khan

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, expressed doubt that Trump should come to Britain on a state visit. About it reports The Independent.

“State visits are different from the usual — said Khan. — Given that many in our country do not agree with the policies of the President of the United States, I doubt that our government ought to roll out the red carpet. But I am ready if required to play a role. If anyone thinks that it is impossible to simultaneously be a Muslim and a proud citizen of the Western world, I’d love it in this razumeju, whether reporter or CNN Donald trump”.

The invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to visit the United Kingdom on a state visit to the US President and his wife gave Theresa may. The exact date is not yet determined, presumably it will be held in 2018. According to press reports, trump asked the Prime Minister to provide him a warm welcome: the President is unhappy with the tone in which they write about him in the British media.

State visit — the highest category of diplomatic visits, provided only to foreign heads of state. It is not more than one time for all time of stay of the head of state in power: usually the first official country visit of the high guest, or in cases where both parties decide that for political reasons the format of the visit most appropriate.

Previously, trump and Sadiq Khan have repeatedly exchanged critical attacks. So, the US President criticized the mayor of London for his actions during the recent attacks. In turn, Sadiq Khan, accused trump in promoting banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”, participated in the women’s March against the us President and criticized him for measures to limit migration.