Poklonskaya praised football fans


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The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya was posted on his page in Facebook photo from the match for the Supercup of Russia between “Spartacus” and “Locomotive”, which was held on Friday in Moscow.

During the game the fans of both clubs displayed a banner with the inscription: “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland. Teacher, hands off the Russian Tsar!”.

Ex-Prosecutor of Crimea has praised the fans for their protest against the film “Matilda” directed by Alexei Uchitel. “The fans sent to mail pictures. Our guys did a great job! Want every match to become stronger! I know that the best days in front of fans!” — wrote Poklonskaya.

The meeting ended with the victory of “Spartacus” with the score 2:1.

The film tells the story of the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya and her relationship with Nicholas II, caused strong resentment among Polonskaya. It is not the first month leads a sustained campaign against the picture.Poklonskaya finds that the picture offends the feelings of believers. Earlier the Deputy of the state Duma sent to the attorney General the results of the examination of “Matilda”. According to her, the film received negative reviews. Of the film experts have not seen, they focused on the trailers and the script of the film, who informed the authors of the paintings submitted to the Ministry of culture.

Poklonskaya said that Nicholas II was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church. The film, in her opinion, creates a false image of the Russian Emperor as “inadequate and morally corrupt person,” the facts it repeatedly substitute “art” fiction, reported RIA Novosti.