Kusturica explained why good to the President of the Russian Federation


RIA Novosti

Renowned Serbian Director Emir Kusturica said he agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I really like the neat position of Putin, how he raised Russia as back to the people pride in their history and culture,” said Kusturica in an interview to RT.

According to the Director, he agrees with the position of the Russian President to ban GMO products in Russia. Kusturica believes that the world is becoming less natural food and replacing artificial food.

Kusturica said that sometimes his words about the President cause negative in others. “I once said that would allow Putin to put the rockets on the balcony. After that I even had a conversation with my wife in which I said it was a joke. But there were those who made me violent attack, believing that it is really possible. The world becomes a place in which there is no place for good jokes from the last century”, – concluded the film.