Flower festival in the suburbs will draw on Chekhov’s works

Fifteenth regional festival “Flowers of Moscow region” will be held in Istria from 27 to 30 July. About it reports TV channel “360” on Friday, July 14.

“At the end of the festival all the competitive floral arrangements do not understand, but will remain in the welcoming page, which will be landscaped and a beautiful new Park,” said Minister of housing of the Moscow region Evgeny hromushin.

He noted that the theme of the festival “Chekhov Istra” is not accidental: the writer Anton Chekhov lived and worked in Voskresensk (the so-called Istra until 1930 approx. “Of the tape.ru”).

For participation in the event has received 42 applications from the various municipalities. They were asked to create compositions of plants mentioned in the works of classics.

At present, the preparatory work has entered the final stage, the Minister said.

Earlier it was reported that the military-historical festival “Duchnowski maneuvers”, which was held in shchyolkovsky district in Moscow in early July, visited more than 6.7 thousand people.