Parents of five-year-old hitchhiker from Kemerovo will be fined

In Kemerovo will prosecute the parents of five children, of which local residents noticed alone voting on the road, reported on the website of the regional Central Directorate of interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.

“Until a decision in the administrative case a child is removed from family and placed in social rehabilitation center”, — noted in the text.

Police found that the boy he left home where he was under the supervision of a 13-year-old brother, and he did this not for the first time.

Date and time of the incident in the message is not specified. To the guards asked noticing the baby on the roadside by a local resident. The boy could not tell police any information about yourself, but in a short time in a call center asked older brother, who told about his disappearance.

In a Central Board emphasized that under part 1 of the article 5.35 of the administrative code (“breach of duties under the maintenance and education of minors”) the boy’s parents can be fined 500 rubles. The decision will be taken by the Commission on Affairs of minors.