California flayer received 16 years in prison for the murder of 21 cats

26-year-old American resident of the state of California Robert Roy Farmer sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of 21 cats. On Saturday, July 15, the newspaper USA Today.

To kill animals Farmer began in September of 2015. Some cats, he specifically was lured from the homes of their owners.

Knacker was detained October 8, 2015. Police found him sleeping in his car, on the dashboard which lay the body of a cat. During the search of the car police found pieces of cat hair, covered in blood and a hunting knife.

In mid-October of 2016 in the Russian press got information that the two minor girls from Khabarovsk killed animals and filmed the process on video and photos. Victims, they chose placed online ads on the transfer of the animals are in good hands. Violence Teens staged in an abandoned building. They killed at least 15 animals.

As part of the investigation of this case was the involvement of girls to a number of other crimes: robbery, inciting hatred and enmity and insulting the feelings of believers. Both 17-year-old suspects have been arrested.