The suspect in the incidents of acid arrested in London

London police arrested a teenager suspected of a series of attacks using acid. About it reports BBC News.

According to police, the young man involved in the five attacks that occurred on the evening of 13 July. The first victims was the driver of the moped, which the attacker threw acid in the face.

After this happened four more attacks, which investigators believe were linked.

As writes BBC News, recently recorded a sharp increase in the number of such crimes. In 2015, was recorded 261 case, and a year later — 458.

In this regard, the British authorities are considering increasing the penalty for attacks with the use of acid or other aggressive chemicals.

On 12 January it was reported that the victim of the attack with the use of sulfuric acid was the winner of the Italian contest “Miss Romagna”-2007 Jessica Notaro. The attack was made by her ex-boyfriend. The doctors diagnosed women severe damage to eyes and burns to the body.