Experts: the government of the Crimea may be the new retirement

The resignation of the transport Minister and the chief architect of the Crimea, which occurred on Monday may not last, said Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber political scientist Alexander Formanchuk. Both he and other experts polled by TASS, called the resignation in the Crimea is normal and explained their possible reasons.

In recent days it became known at once about several resignations in the Crimean government. A few days ago was dismissed Deputy Prime Minister Boris Zimin, instead he appointed Vladimir Serov, who will oversee the transport, utilities and energy. Dismissed fuel and energy Minister, Svetlana Borodulina and housing Minister Sergey Karpov, reported that July 17 will be delayed, the head of Minorityism Sergey Strelbitsky, it will be replaced by Vadim Volchenko. Monday, July 10, was izvestnoe resignations of the Minister of transport Anatoly Volkov and chief architect of the region Anna Tsareva.

Management style Aksenov

According to Formanchuk, the head of the region Sergey Aksenov places high demands on his team.

“This management style Aksenov. To his team he makes demands. I think this is not the last resignation. Coming to work in the government of the Crimea should understand that Ministers need to be prepared that their services can unsubscribe at any time,” said TASS Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber of the region.

Formanchuk considers that the previously appointed officials have not reached their goals. It concerns including the issues of illegal constructions in the coastal strip.

“With regard to architecture, he irritated all Crimeans from the Ukrainian period. We are talking about the outrages that were happening when there was Ukraine. This refers to the illegally constructed buildings on the coast,” said the analyst.

He noted that in recent years has not been real change in the transport sector. “Personally, I have not seen this year some of the dynamics in the transport sector. It is, in my opinion, now lost, in this connection, Feldman has found it necessary to change the Minister of transport”, – said Formanchuk.

Frame update – normal process

The Chairman of the Committee on transport and fuel and energy complex of the Crimean Parliament Pyotr Zaporozhets believes that the resignation of officials, which can be attributed to the key associated with low productivity.

“If we talk about the Minister of transport, he will not delve into many of the processes. This concerns the construction of the airport in Simferopol, the organization of passenger transport, work of the sea ports of the Crimea. Although he promised to resolve these issues within two to three months, but have not decided,” – said the Deputy.

According to the head of the Committee for state construction of regional Parliament Efim Fix, update staff in the Crimean government is a normal process.

“Today Crimea faces new challenges. This bridge, and the Federal highway “Tavrida”. Staffing update – the normal process is that there are no problems,” he said.