Method Bella. As the inventor of the telephone defend their rights and get rich

Method Bella. As the inventor of the telephone defend their rights and get rich

July 9, 1877, Alexander Graham bell founded the world’s first telephone company.

Great discoveries that changed the life of mankind, not immediately appreciated contemporaries. Inventors sometimes had to walk a long way to the recognition that not everyone was able to do.

March 7, 1876 Alexander Graham bell received a patent for the invention of the telephone. But at that time it was just paper, the value of which is understood only by a few.

They were not sold the patent for the telephone

In order for “multi-purpose Telegraph”, as he called his camera bell and associates really would prove his favor, were required further studies, which do not have the money.

To raise money, bell decided to capitalize on public demonstrations of his invention.

The attention given to phone at the world exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia by the Emperor of Brazil, Pedro II, has caused a real pilgrimage to the invention of the bell.

Funded work Bella businessmen Gardner Hubbard, who was the inventor of a father-in-law, and Thomas Sanders believed that the best option to recoup investments is the sale of a patent.

Telegraph companies Western Union the patent for the telephone was offered 100 thousand dollars — the money didn’t even cover all the costs of the experiments. But in the Western Union felt that the practical sense in the telephone and never will be, and rejected the offer.

Reliance on own strength

Meanwhile, Alexander Graham bell with his phone drove through Europe, causing a sensation.

The invention in Queen Victoria of great Britain, which has awarded Bella private audience.

It became clear that a telephone connection will be in demand, and therefore, there is a serious practical reason to continue.

Gardner Hubbard, is extremely angry behavior, Western Union, felt that now we need to think not about the sale of the patent, and the establishment and development of his own company.

9 Jul 1877 was established the Bell Telephone company, the first company in the world, engaged in the provision of telephone services.

Just a few weeks, the company managed to attract about 800 customers.

In 1878 Western Union had discovered that a hitherto successfully developed the Telegraph received a phone the most dangerous competitor. Consumers want two-way communication was not going to learn Morse code.

Representatives of Western Union turned to Bella and his companions, stating that they are ready to pay 100 thousand for the patent. But this time the team of the inventor declared that for such ridiculous money the patent for the phone will not be sold.

Force vs audacity

Then Western Union decided to do without Bella. For the development of telephony was established American Speaking Telephone in which to work was attracted by a competitor of bell in the fight for the patent, Elisha gray and the famous Thomas Edison.

Based on their design, American Speaking Telephone began to act in circumvention of the patent issued to bell.

To confront powerful companies was difficult. Gardner Hubbard invited for the post of Manager of the Bell Telephone Company is young, but very determined businessman Theodore vail.

We are the first who invented the telephone. We created this business and do not want anyone to give it.Theodore Welfarepayments

With an annual turnover of 450 thousand to $ 41 million from a competitor, vail decided on franchising to create a network of telephone companies. In addition, the lawyers of the Bell Telephone Company has hit the American Speaking Telephone with a series of lawsuits for patent infringement.


On the side of Bella was public opinion, as well as a number of major businessmen, who in this dispute pursued their goals, but de facto helped the inventor of the telephone.

Was created the United American Bell Telephone Company, which became the unconditional leader at the market of telephony services. Alexander Graham bell became the holder of the large stake, and his condition began to grow rapidly along with the growth of teledensity.

At this point, bell finished the job over the phone, handing it to the improvement in other hands.

I invented the telephone due to my ignorance of electrical engineering. No one, at least an elementary acquaintance with electrical engineering, never have invented the telephone.Alexander Graham Bell

The company, through which bell was able to defend his priority in the invention of the telephone after a number of transformations that exist today. American Telephone and Telegraph Company (American telephone and Telegraph company, AT&T Company) is one of the largest transnational corporations and the most respected telecommunications company in the world.