Retired nuclear General

Retired nuclear General

As it became known “Kommersant”, the President Vladimir Putin issued a decree released from the post of head of the 12th main Directorate of the Ministry of defence (gumo), Lieutenant-General Yuri Sych. The resignation took place at the request of the General, citing health problems. Temporarily the acting head of the gumo was appointed Deputy mister Owl — the General-the major Igor Kolesnikov. According to “Kommersant”, he can become a chief architect on a permanent basis. The 12th division in the Ministry of defence is responsible for the storage, service and preparation for combat use of all nuclear weapons.

On the release of Yuri Sych from the post of chief of the 12th Central Board with the subsequent dismissal from military service, “Kommersant” reported a source close to the leadership of the defense Ministry. According to him, some time ago, the General wrote a letter with the wording “for health reasons” and on 5 July Vladimir Putin closed the decree of his request was granted.

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In conversation with “Kommersant” the General Owl confirmed that he will leave the post for health reasons, but assured: “a Few months more work”. He stressed that to talk about your successor does not intend to, as this issue “is not within its competence”.

Yuri Sych was transferred to work in gumo in December 2010, before that he headed the office of the state supervision of nuclear and radiation safety of the Ministry of defense. A few months before the appointment of Yury Owl Glaucus appeared in the center of the scandal, President Dmitry Medvedev has dismissed the commander V/CH 39995 (Irkutsk oblast) Viktor Gaidukov.

Major General Gaidukov was the first of Russian military and civil servants who had been sacked by the President for false information in income declarations. Subsequently, concerning it criminal case under part 4 of article 290 (bribe reception in the large size) and part 1 of article 285 (abuse of official powers) of the criminal code. The investigation found that from 2006 to 2010 on the territory entrusted to him the military unit military facilities were built including a company established by his wife, her firm got more than 20 million rubles, listed on contracts. A number of media have linked the resignation of the then head of the 12th gumo Vladimir Verkhovtsev with this incident. However, after his dismissal, he found a job in the nuclear industry, and the General Gaidukov acquitted jury.

According to military sources, “b”, in the eyes of the leadership of the Ministry of defence, General Owl has established himself as a leader who managed to establish a “smooth operation” of the 12th gumo: during his work at Arsenal has not been a single serious incident (on March 1, 2017 Russia had deployed 1765 alone strategic nuclear warheads, while the number of tactical and the total number of stockpiled spetsboepripasov not disclosed).

Glaucus is considered to be one of the most important in the structure of the Ministry of defense, which includes military and Central database storage of nuclear weapons research Institute, interspecific training center test site on Novaya Zemlya, as well as the special control service (carries out continuous monitoring of nuclear weapons tests on foreign grounds). Mr. Owl has been involved in negotiations in close conjunction with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, he participated in discussions on the issues of ensuring nuclear and radiation safety and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. In February 2016, Vladimir Putin awarded him the title of Lieutenant-General.

According to interlocutors “Kommersant”, the order of the Minister, acting chief of the Central Board appointed Deputy mister Owl — the General-the major Igor Kolesnikov. According to “Kommersant”, it will be set a trial period of several months and if he passes it, the idea of his appointment as head of the 12th gumo will be sent to the President for signature.

Ivan Safronov, Alexander Djordjevic