XI Jinping saw a threat to the security of China and Russia in US missile defense in South Korea

XI Jinping

Chinese President XI Jinping said that the us anti-missile system THAAD, established in the territory of South Korea, disrupts the strategic balance in the region and compromise the security of a number of countries, including China and Russia. This opinion he expressed in an interview with TASS, published on Sunday, July 2, on the eve of his visit to Moscow.

“In this regard, the Chinese side has already expressed its strong protest and serious concern”, — said XI Jinping, noting that ABOUT the US “does not help the denuclearization on the [Korean] Peninsula.”

Speaking about ways to resolve this crisis, the Chinese President expressed confidence that the situation can be resolved only through dialogue.

“The Chinese side put forward the “two-track parallel approach”, refers to the parallel promotion of denuclearization and creation of the mechanism of the world, and the idea of a “double-freeze” nuclear missile activities of the DPRK and large-scale joint exercises of the USA and the Republic of Korea. The Russian side on this issue clearly expressed support,” he said.

The agreement on the deployment of THAAD in South Korea was reached in July 2016 amid increased activity missile program in the DPRK. It is assumed that high-tech missile will shoot down threatening Seoul’s ballistic missiles. Full system deployment is scheduled for late 2017. At the end of April, the US President Donald trump said that South Korea is obliged to pay a billion dollars for THAAD. Seoul responded by saying that all funding should Washington, as it bears the burden of installation and operation of the system.