FNS has the right to block anonymizers

FNS has the right to block anonymizers

The Agency will make the black list the resources to bypass the lock and to access the online casino.

The Federal tax service (FTS) has been able to block anonymizers. This right was given by the office of the joint order of Roscomnadzor, Ministry of internal Affairs, FTS and CPS. Lawyers believe the relevant paragraph of the order illegal, but until it is appealed, the Agency can operate as described in the document procedures. The bill prohibiting the employment in Russia of anonymizers, do not filter websites from black list, passed the first reading in the state Duma.

The order, signed by the heads of Roscomnadzor, Ministry of internal Affairs, FTS and CPS, was recently registered by the Ministry of justice. The document approves the criteria by which they will be assessed information from web sites for inclusion in the black list of prohibited in Russia content. Under the law, Roskomnadzor must block the content with child pornography, the interior Ministry materials on drugs and trade, Roskomnadzor — the propaganda of suicides, and on — Internet-casino. Issued an order, effective from June 27, konkretisiert blocking criteria. A similar order 2013 is cancelled.

Item 4.1.7 of the new order puts on the task — to fight with the tools to bypass locks. It contains the following basis for inclusion in black lists:

The presence on the site page in the Internet information and (or) programs for electronic computers, allowing you to access the site in the Internet site pages in the Internet containing prohibited information, the relevant criteria 4.1.1−4.1.6 these Criteria.

In paragraphs 4.1.1−4.1.6 describes the blocking criteria an online casino. But today the Internet is the anonymizer, specifically designed to access only blocked in Russia online casino. Anonymizer is a universal tool, they allow you to access any blocked site.

In fact, the FTS will have to block any and all VPN services and anonymizers.

Deputies of the state Duma Maxim Kudryavtsev (EP), Nikolay Ryzhak (SR) and Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF) has developed amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and protection of information”, they were submitted to the Duma on 8 June. According to the document, the owners of anonymizers and VPN services will have to close access sites blocked in Russia. If they refuse, then these resources will be included in the blacklist.

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The Deputy Director of the coordination center of national Internet domain Sergey Kopylov sure that issued the order regarding vesting, on the ability to block anonymizers illegal. After all, the Duma passed a bill banning those anonymizers that give the opportunity to get on blocked sites.

Director of strategic projects of the research Institute Internet Irina Levova said that paragraph 4.1.7 of the order requires them to block the website because it gives you the opportunity to play in a casino.

— Not punished for breaking, but for the hypothetical opportunity to commit the violation. By this logic, you can judge a man for murder if he’s in the kitchen there are knives. Moreover, these knives are not prohibited, — said Irina Levova.

The press service of the interior Ministry said that paragraph 4.1.7 of the new order is the purview of on and Roskomnadzor. Roskomnadzor was unable to immediately comment on this provision of the order. FNS and the CPS did not answer the queries.