The Agency requests to allow him to give the seized animals, not kill them

Photo: RIA Novosti The government has to exhibit or to destroy confiscated from poachers of animals that do not fall under environmental legislation. The Agency offers to allow him to donate the animals, seized from poachers, environmental and scientific organizations, the head of Rosimuschestvo Dmitry Pristanskov. Now the mammals, which are not included in the Red book and are protected by international conventions, the confiscation from poachers come onto the balance sheet of the Agency. For example, these animals are aquatic mammals such as walrus, seals, whales. This Agency may not transfer them free of charge to any organization in the conservation, scientific and educational purposes. “Today caught these mammals are subject exclusively to the implementation (at the auction — ed.) or destroyed, if no one at the auction did not work, and the forces or powers of Rosimushchestvo,” said Pristanskov at the Committee meeting on holding the Year of

Putin: Kiev’s refusal from PTS helped to create a whole new industry in Russia

The gap of cooperation with Moscow in the field of military-industrial production has led to the emergence in Russia of a new industry. This statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. His words TASS reports. “We were forced to engage in import substitution and, frankly, it’s useful for us from a technological point of view, because during this time — from December 2014 and today — we created virtually a new branch of science and a new branch of production”, — said Putin. His statement Putin made during a meeting of the Military-industrial Commission. The head of state noted that before 2014, Russia was buying engines for military vehicles in Ukraine, but then the cooperation stopped. According to the President, the authorities of the country had the choice to look for import, combine, or develop industry in the country. “We made a decision to develop these sectors and, apparently,

Valentina Matvienko has charged to consider the extension of the powers of prosecutors

Valentina Matvienko has charged to consider the extension of the powers of prosecutors The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has charged to profile committees of the upper house to consider the proposals for legislative expansion of the powers of prosecutors. She stated after a speech in the Federation Council of the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika with a report on the state of law and order in the country. Mr. Chaika in his speech said that over the past two and a half years revealed 6.7 thousand illegal criminal cases, with 6.3 thousand people were taken into custody. “And no one before them has not apologized, no one was held accountable for it,” — said the Prosecutor General. According to him, “it is abnormal”. He also said that “the Prosecutor shall perform the function of criminal prosecution, and not the investigator”. The investigator — as a working

The Federation Council approved a ban on ridiculous and weird names for kids

The Federation Council approved a ban on ridiculous and weird names for kids The Federation Council approved a law prohibiting naming children names, using swear words, numerals and titles, reports TASS. According to the document, prohibits “the use in the name of numbers, alphanumeric symbols, numerals, symbols and non-letters characters (except for the character “hyphen”), or any combination”. However, it provided an opportunity for the parents to give the child a hyphenated surname. If the parents have different surnames according to their agreement, the child can obtain the father’s name, mother’s surname or a hyphenated surname, formed by the joining of the surnames of the father and mother to each other in any sequence, At present, a double surname may be formed only in the marriage: spouses can combine their names in General.

In Paris, police went on a “March of anger”

In Paris, police went on a “March of anger” In Paris took place many thousands demonstration police called a “March of anger”. It is reported by Le Figaro. The action began with a minute of silence in memory of Xavier Gugele, police, killed during the attack on the Champs Elysees on April 20. “Today is the manifestation of the guards, the sentinels of the Republic, laborers National police”, — said the leader of the trade Union of law enforcement officers of Yves Lefebvre. According to him, the protesters demand that the problems of police drew the attention of both candidates in presidents of the country. Une quarantaine de #policiers de la #Marne participent à la “marche de la colère policière” ce mercredi à Paris > — France3-ChampArdenne (@France3CA) 26 APR 2017 Fin de la #manifestation, début de la marche silencieuse jusqu au 102 avenue des Champs-Élysées. #policiers @sudradio

The militants have learned to drop bombs from domestic drones

Terrorists banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” has developed a new munition which can be discharged with ordinary domestic unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). About it reports Reuters with reference to data of experts, Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which track used in modern conflicts, weapons. “These explosive devices can be thrown, run with the help of a homemade nozzle to firearms or if you are using the latest version — reset with the UAV that you can buy in any store”, — reported experts CAR after a visit to the Iraqi city of Mosul in November, February and March. Meanwhile, the jihadists themselves in social networks, laid out evidence of bombs from drones in 2016. According to the staff of the organization, in December, the IG achieved a standardization of arms and established their industrial production, the scale is similar to the military industry in some countries. During the battle for

Moscow criticized Turkey for air strikes on the Kurds

Aviator, the Turkish air force for the Kurds in Syria and Iraq could lead to the strengthening of the positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This is stated in the statement published on the Russian MFA website. “At a time when the war on terror in Iraq and Syria is still far from complete, such actions clearly do not contribute to the consolidation of anti-terrorism efforts, and to aggravate the already tense situation”, — explained in Department. In addition, the statement notes that the blows inflicted on the territories of sovereign States to bypass their legitimate governments. In the current situation, said the diplomats, all parties to the conflict should be political vision and focus on the fight against the jihadists. April 25, the Turkish air force launched air strikes on objects of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) near the mountain range of Sinjar

FSIN has denied the information about beating of the defendant in the “Bolotnaya case” Nepomnyashchikh

Ivan Sciences Management of Federal service of execution of punishments (UFSIN) across Yaroslavl region has denied the information about beating in the penal colony №1 of a convicted defendant in the “Bolotnaya case” Ivan the forgetful. On Wednesday, April 26, reported on the Agency’s website. In UFSIN has told that on April 21 in the colony carried out the planned search. “Nepomnyashchikh refused to comply with lawful demands of representatives of the administration of the institution in connection with which it was applied bend your hands behind your back. Special funds of a convicted person not used”, — stated in the message. Also stresses that the convict was examined in the medical unit of the correctional institution, and no injuries have been reported. Two days ago it became known that the forgetful sent to punishment cells for disobeying prison officials. He and several other convicts given seven days for failure

For a US strike on Syria has offered to respond to increased Russian military base Hamim

Viktor Ozerov After US attack on Syria, Russia could transfer to the Arab Republic of additional funds to ensure the safety of the base Hamim, which use videoconferencing. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov, reports “Interfax”. The Senator said that speech can go “about the readiness of aerial, terrestrial and space exploration, and, if necessary, although it never went, about the increase of a particular type of combat support airfield” Hamim. “If necessary, such measures may be adopted”, — said the member of the Council, stressing that the increase in the number of Russian troops in Syria is not yet required. Earlier on Wednesday, April 26, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Moscow considers the missile attack the U.S. on Syria as a flagrant violation of international law. “In addition, Washington’s actions have created a threat to the

Timakova called the survey on the attitude of Russians to Medvedev political order

Dmitry Medvedev Press Secretary of the Prime Minister of Russia Natalia Timakova has commented on the results of a sociological study about the attitude of citizens to the head of the Cabinet Dmitry Medvedev. It is reported TASS on Wednesday, April 26. “The Prime Minister did not give special value to data of sociological surveys, particularly conducted by the “Levada-center” on a well-defined political order,” she said. Earlier Wednesday, press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin will analyze the results of sociological survey on the work of the head of the Russian government. According to the “Levada-center”, the number of those who “mostly trusts” the Prime Minister has fallen over the year from 39 to 30 percent. The number of those who “mostly no trust” increased from 30 to 33 percent. For the resignation of the Cabinet voted 18 percent of respondents. 2 Feb