The Agency requests to allow him to give the seized animals, not kill them


RIA Novosti

The government has to exhibit or to destroy confiscated from poachers of animals that do not fall under environmental legislation. The Agency offers to allow him to donate the animals, seized from poachers, environmental and scientific organizations, the head of Rosimuschestvo Dmitry Pristanskov.

Now the mammals, which are not included in the Red book and are protected by international conventions, the confiscation from poachers come onto the balance sheet of the Agency. For example, these animals are aquatic mammals such as walrus, seals, whales. This Agency may not transfer them free of charge to any organization in the conservation, scientific and educational purposes.

“Today caught these mammals are subject exclusively to the implementation (at the auction — ed.) or destroyed, if no one at the auction did not work, and the forces or powers of Rosimushchestvo,” said Pristanskov at the Committee meeting on holding the Year of ecology.

“We have a situation with the Bobcat that was confiscated from poachers without legs. the nonprofit Foundation had surgery, nursed her, and then the court decided to withdraw it from the Fund and put up for sale. This lynx is useless. The Fund was ready to take free of charge, no, the court decided to put on the implementation,” he said.

The government proposes to allow the Department to transfer the animals to the environmental, cultural and scientific organization in educational purposes. Pristanskov noted that the Department also proposes to expand the list of such organizations to transfer animals not only government, but commercial, and non-profit institutions.

“I think for many it is close to the shock, to know that we have created in the law,” said the special representative of the RF President on the issues of environmental activities, environment and transport Sergei Ivanov. He called this situation a lacuna in the legislation, “which must be urgently corrected”. Now the MNR and the Ministry of agriculture are preparing amendments to the government decree, said the Minister of natural resources and ecology Sergey Donskoy.