Moscow criticized Turkey for air strikes on the Kurds

Aviator, the Turkish air force for the Kurds in Syria and Iraq could lead to the strengthening of the positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This is stated in the statement published on the Russian MFA website.

“At a time when the war on terror in Iraq and Syria is still far from complete, such actions clearly do not contribute to the consolidation of anti-terrorism efforts, and to aggravate the already tense situation”, — explained in Department.

In addition, the statement notes that the blows inflicted on the territories of sovereign States to bypass their legitimate governments. In the current situation, said the diplomats, all parties to the conflict should be political vision and focus on the fight against the jihadists.

April 25, the Turkish air force launched air strikes on objects of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) near the mountain range of Sinjar in Northwest Iraq and northeast Syria. In Ankara, believe that the PKK members coming from these areas in Turkey the weapons, explosives and ammunition for attacks on military checkpoints. The next day between the parties began full-scale battles.

Since 1984 the PKK in the South-East of the country is waging an armed struggle for political rights of the Kurds in the country and the creation of a Kurdish autonomy in its composition. The truce between the Turkish government and the Kurds was terminated in July of 2015. The reason for the resumption of the active phase of the confrontation was a terrorist attack in the town of Suruç, when 32 people were killed, mostly Kurds.

In Turkey the Kurdistan workers ‘ party is considered a separatist terrorist organization.