Erdogan announced a change in Moscow’s position on Assad

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinted at the fact that Russia has softened its stance on the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. He told this to Reuters reporters during an interview on Tuesday, April 25. “Erdoğan, don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending Assad, I am not his lawyer. That’s what Putin said to me,” said the Turkish leader, commenting on his conversation with the President of Russia. April 21, Assad said that Damascus a hundred percent sure that the supply of chemical weapons to the rebels, Ankara is. “There is evidence that some of them were presented on the Internet a few years ago,” — said the Syrian leader. The position of Russia is that the citizens of Syria should decide the fate of their country. In particular, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that Moscow supports any steps aimed at the resumption of inter-Syrian negotiations. “We welcome any measures

Police have warned Muscovites against participation in uncoordinated action 29 APR

The police and participants of the unsanctioned rally on Pushkin square in Moscow Metropolitan police are asking residents to refuse to participate in uncoordinated action, which call to be held on 29 April on Slavyanskaya square in Ilyinsky square and Ilyinka street. This was reported on the website of the main Department of the MIA of Russia in Moscow. Law enforcement stressed that the event is illegal. It is noted that in this regard, increases the risk of provocations aimed at violation of public order that threatens the security of citizens. Moi also reminded that “the initiators of the action was offered an alternative place to carry it out”. “Despite this, the organizers continue to insist on holding the event on the specified site and to encourage citizens to participate in it”, — stated in the message. A few days earlier the Moscow Prosecutor’s office also warned citizens from participation

The Kremlin said the demolition of the Moscow five-story building is justified and appropriate

The project of renovation of the housing stock in Moscow, conducted by the city authorities, justified and appropriate, said press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. On Tuesday, April 25, the correspondent “reports”. Peskov called it very ambitious from the point of view of the stated deadlines. “On the scale it is unparalleled, perhaps, in the new history of Russia, but Moscow is also large in size,” — said Peskov. He noted that investing in the overhaul of old houses, it would be criminal and tantamount to “just throw money into the furnace”. Peskov also didn’t exclude that the project can be amended. “This is not a dogma. But the essence of the project remains unchanged, as it was reported to the head of the state,” he said. In February, the President instructed the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin to carry out the renovation homes. The mayor

Putin brought pickles

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with representatives of business circles of the Yaroslavl region in Rybinsk told about the technology of pickling cucumbers in the pits. It is reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday, April 25. The founder of the historical-cultural complex “vyatskoe” Oleg Zharov, which was dedicated to the topic of salting part of his speech at the meeting, also said that brought the production sample with you. “Like cucumbers more than anything?” — asked in response, the head of the state. In December 2016 the Governor of the southwestern Japanese Prefecture of Yamaguchi admitted that he wants to invite the Russian President to visit the hot spring to treat his seafood and sake. In September last year, Putin, who during a trip in the Tula region visited the Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana”, was treated to a cake made according to an old recipe from a cookbook

In the United States 14 students were injured in the incident because of a deer accident

In the United States 14 students were injured in the incident because of a deer accident In the accident in Kentucky were injured 14 students. Their bus crashed into a tree after the driver went off the road due to run deer, according to ABC News. The incident occurred South-East of the city of Lexington in a wooded area. Seeing an animal on the road, the driver sharply turned the wheel and went off the road. 14 students were hospitalized, also hurt and the driver. According to doctors, their injuries not threatening to life. Earlier, on March 30 in the United States in an accident with a bus killed 12 people. The bus in which there were the older members of the Baptist Church, crashed into riding in the truck to meet him.