The lander with three members of the ISS crew landed in Kazakhstan

The lander with three members of the ISS crew landed in Kazakhstan KOROLEV /Moscow region/, April 10. /TASS/. Lander spacecraft “Soyuz MS-02” with three members of the crew of the International space station (ISS) landed in Kazakhstan, reported in the Moscow mission control Center (MCC). Evacuation of the crew from the lander capsule has been completed. Spacecraft in a new series “Soyuz MS-02” undocked from the ISS on Monday at 10:57 GMT. 13:27 “the Union” included engines for deorbit, and at 13:54 from the descent module with the crew separated the household and the instrumentation and propulsion compartment. At 14:20 GMT the lander will land in the 147 km Southeast of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan. Ryzhikova, which first got out of the ship, the rescuers gave a sprig of willow in honor of palm Sunday. The evacuation involved two helicopters Mi-8, three planes an-12 and An-26, six search and recovery vehicles.

In the center of Omsk on the pool floated a paddler in a kayak

In the center of Omsk on the pool floated a paddler in a kayak MOSCOW, 10 APR — RIA Novosti. In the center of Omsk along tram routes floated a young man on a kayak, according to local media. Photos men caused rough reaction in social networks. The review suggested that the kayaker floats from near the scene of the psychiatric hospital. However, the publication notes that “swim” can be a demonstrative action with the aim to attract the attention of the Omsk authorities for street cleaning.

Winter photos make people more cold-blooded

Winter photos make people more cold-blooded Not only the temperature of the environment in which the person is located, but also its perception, for example, the photograph affects the person’s ability to regulate their own behavior depending on faced long-term challenges. To this conclusion came a group of psychologists and neuroscientists from Israel and the United States. The results of the work presented in the journal Psychological Research. “Metaphorical phrases like “cold calculation”, “warm feedback” or “cold-blooded” actually have scientific justification, as we have shown in our study — said one of the authors of the article, a researcher from the University named after Ben-Gurion Idit Shalev. Past work has concentrated on how cognitive control affects the real temperature. However, this is the first work in which we were able to measure the impact of perceived temperature”. In the course of the study, the researchers conducted two experiments. The first

Australian Prime Minister hopes to save conflict-free relations between Russia and the coalition in Syria

Photo: RIA Novosti The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull expressed the hope that the missile attack on the United States military airfield in Syria will not lead to strained relations between the forces of the international antiterrorist coalition and the Russian military. “The interests of Russia and the coalition forces are responsible, conflict-free flight path of aircraft, said Turnbull, speaking to reporters in Papua New Guinea, where he arrived on a working visit. – It was not until (the us – approx. TASS) attack on an air base in Syria, and we expect that the parties will continue to consider the interests of each other because it suits their own interests. However, the situation in the region is changing very quickly”. “If involved in this conflict, the great powers, regional powers and local forces will work together, it will be possible to find a path to peace”, – believes

The Israeli foreign Ministry accused Le Pen of distorting the truth about the Holocaust

The Israeli foreign Ministry accused Le Pen of distorting the truth about the Holocaust TEL AVIV, April 10 — RIA Novosti. The foreign Ministry has condemned Israel and called the distortion of “historical truth” of the word candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen about the innocence of his country by the persecution of the Jews during the Second world war. According to the Agency France Presse, the leader of the party “national front” on the eve said that he does not believe France is responsible for the events of the “vel’ d IV” — swept the country in 1942 a campaign of arrests of Jews followed by sending them to Nazi death camps. At that time part of France were occupied by Nazi Germany, other parts were installed the collaborationist Vichy regime. “Israel condemns the words of marine Le Pen that France is not responsible for the deportation

Navalny released after 15 days of arrest

Navalny released after 15 days of arrest Moscow. April 10. INTERFAX.RU — Opposition leader Alexei Navalny released after 15 days of administrative arrest, assigned to him for disobeying a police officer at a protest on March 26, said the head of his election headquarters Leonid Volkov. “It have taken away in OVD “Konkovo” and now there are released at 14:28. He went to the police Department, now goes home,” Volkov told reporters. He noted that Navalny continue his campaign for the presidency and intends to participate in the opening of the headquarters in Tyumen and Chelyabinsk, on April 14-15. As communicated, the Tver court of Moscow on March 27, found Navalny guilty of resisting law enforcement officers (article 19.3 of the administrative code) during the arrest on Tverskaya street in Moscow on March 26. Also the oppositionist was found guilty of organizing a non-public event of mass simultaneous stay and

Peskov: meeting with Tillerson in the graph Putin is currently no

Peskov: meeting with Tillerson in the graph Putin is currently no MOSCOW, April 10. /TASS/. Meeting with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson during his visit to Moscow on April 12 in the chart of Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently not listed. This was stated to journalists the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, drawing attention that such contacts not pre-announce. “Any meetings we have not announced yet and still in the chart of the President meeting with Tillerson is not” — said the representative of the Kremlin, answering the question of whether Putin intends to take the Secretary of state. Peskov recalled that Tillerson arrives in Russia for talks with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “If such a meeting (Tillerson) will appear (in the chart of Putin), we accordingly will inform you,” — said the press Secretary of the Russian President. “We are meeting not announce never,

Hong Kong will fight for gay tourists

The Hong Kong authorities decided to attract more members of the LGBT community, making the tourism environment of the city more friendly towards gays. About it reports The South China Morning Post. In particular, Hong Kong already filed a bid to host the Gay games in 2022, which, as expected, the city authorities will be able to bring to the Treasury of almost $ 130 million. At the moment the total volume of Hong Kong’s tourist business is estimated at 4.3 billion dollars, about 1.45 percent of GDP. According to local experts, the city has huge potential as a tourist destination for LGBT visitors from mainland China. According to the data for 2016 in Hong Kong was the Chinese capital of gay tourism, ahead of Thailand and Macau. Of the total number of participants of the gay parade last year, 12 percent came from mainland China. At the moment in

McCain has accused Russia of promoting himatake in Syria

Republican Senator John McCain has accused Moscow of supporting the Syrian government forces in the chemical attack in Idlib province. He stated this on Monday, April 10, at a press conference in Belgrade, reports CTV News. According to American policy, “the Russians knew about the chemical weapons, because they acted with the same base.” Shirt periodically use videoconferencing Russia as airfields, the main point of placement is at the base Hamim. “I hope that this behavior of Damascus, clearly indicating that cooperation with Moscow will never happen again,” said the Senator. He added that he would not allow the use of airfields loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, if the government troops did not abandon the use of prohibited weapons. “The United States must first tell Russia that this kind of war crime is unacceptable in the modern world”, concluded McCain. In addition, the politician hopes that the visit

The Pentagon announced the scrapping of the 20 percent of Syrian aircraft

Caused on 7 April attack on the United States air force base Sirat destroyed or damaged 20 percent of the Syrian aircraft. On Monday, April 10, said the Pentagon chief James Mattis. In addition, according to Minister of defense, was put out of action the storage of fuel and ammunition, and air defense sites. The shelling government troops lost the ability to refuel and arm aircraft in the area, causing the runway of the air base idle. Mattis warned that “another use of chemical weapons” by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be a “hasty step”. White house spokesman Sean Spicer said that the United States reserves the opportunity for new actions in the event of attacks using chemical agents. Us destroyers “porter” and “Ross”, located near Crete, on the night of 7 April 59, launched Tomahawk cruise missiles at the airfield in Shayrat, HOMS province. The order of attack was