Failed to lose weight for the summer beaver is stuck in the fence

Failed to lose weight for the summer beaver is stuck in the fence And important news. Many of us tend to lose before the summer season extra pounds, but not all are successful. So a resident of Canada, the hero of our notes, neglect to diet and fitness, for which he paid. At the house down the street is grey street in the city of Stoney Creek (Ontario) was spotted beaver, stuck between the iron bars of the fence “because of the excess fat remaining after winter,” reports CBC. Front paws, he rested on the ground, and the rear part of the body, were too thick to pass through the hole was raised above the earth, so that the Constitution bobinage body did not allow him to solve the problem yourself. Sharp incisors also could not help the animal caught in such a compromising situation. Service animals Sarah Mombourquette lathered

Priceless for nothing. Cultural treasures sold for a penny

Priceless for nothing. Cultural treasures sold for a penny How should Paradise Lost Milton? Who earned the novels of Stendhal? What van Gogh painting have corrected his poor financial condition? Aify recalls the cultural treasures that were sold for a penny, and brought a fortune. April 27, 1667 impoverished and long blind English poet John Milton for just £ 10 sold his greatest work Paradise Lost. Famous poem about Adam, the author has conceived in his youth, but he considered himself Mature enough and wise enough to take up writing religious epic. After years of thought and labour (during the work on “Paradise Lost” Milton has studied more than a thousand works) this manuscript has summed up the final line of his life, but was unable to improve the poor financial position. Aify recalls 5 cultural treasures that were sold for a penny. Edgar Allan PoE “The Raven” “The Raven”

#Agemate and #volaski: Internet against militant mothers

#Agemate and #volaski: Internet against militant mothers MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti, Victoria Salnikova. In social networks there are more groups dedicated to the phenomenon, which can be placed in a simple “I’m his mother.” Internet users are discussing the aggression and sharpness of the women who recently became mothers, share stories of confrontation with them, quoting the absurd demands. Similar groups exist for a long time, but only recently they began to use large popularity. #Agimat If the score in the search of social network “Vkontakte” the phrase “to Azamat”, then the system will give a few dozen communities. The most popular public signed about a million people, second place is a community with 250 thousand subscribers. “Agemate” is a new mythological character of the online bestiary. It is women who allow children to go to the toilet next to monuments, fighting in hospitals, pensioners are driven from

The Kremlin confirmed the information about the upcoming visit of Angela Merkel in Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Russia will host German Chancellor Angela Merkel on may 2. “I can confirm” — Peskov said, when asked by a journalist to confirm or refute reports that Russia will host Merkel on may 2 in Sochi. In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer said that Russia is waiting for Merkel’s visit on 2 may.

Mizulina has accused the state Duma of hindering the fight against Internet porn

Photo: RIA Novosti Senator Elena Mizulina complained that despite all her efforts to combat pornography, all relevant initiatives to limit the spread of porn on the Internet blocked in the state Duma. Such a statement she made at the safe Internet Forum. According to the Senator, the system of any sites in the register of prohibited information does not function. “Children today are all aiming for. And now they got a lot of and gadgets, and various mobile devices, this new form of communication… Satellite communications! But the fact is that all this is now available to children without understanding how it is technically arranged! And in what space they communicate, in what language? In swearing? And pornography? And the suicides?”, the Senator said, noting that the system of registers of the forbidden sites, “but it’s too little to protect!”. “For years I’ve engaged in the fight against sexual abuse

Russia urged UN security Council members to refrain from “noisy PR actions” when discussing Syria

Pyotr Ilyich © AP Photo/Richard Drew UN, April 27. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. A noisy PR-campaign “pathetic appeal” to Russia will not help to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria. This was stated on Thursday by acting permanent representative to the UN, Peter Ilichev at the meeting of the Security Council. During the discussion, which lasted about two hours, the Western countries, including the UK, US and France tried to impose on Russia responsible for the situation in Syria, including those required to ensure the ceasefire and the access of humanitarian workers to besieged areas. The American permanent representative Nikki Haley called for this purpose have on the RF maximum pressure.

The EU expressed concern about the situation with the Macedonian Parliament

The EU expressed concern about the situation with the Macedonian Parliament In Brussels condemned the continued attacks on members of Parliament. Moscow. April 27. INTERFAX.RU — EU High representative for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini and member of the European Commission for neighbourhood policy and enlargement negotiations of the Union, Johannes Hahn, condemned the continued attacks on members of Parliament in the Macedonian capital Skopje. “Violence in Parliament is totally unacceptable and we call for calm and restraint. The Ministry of internal Affairs and the police must ensure the safety of Parliament and its members,” — said in a joint statement senior representatives of the EU, issued in Brussels on Thursday evening. “Democracy must take its course. We welcome the election of Talat Haveri the speaker of Parliament, reported,” — said Mogherini and Hahn. They expressed the belief that the political dialogue in the institutions is the only way forward, and

The Russian foreign Ministry found discrepancies in the report of France of chemical weapons in Syria

The Russian foreign Ministry found discrepancies in the report of France of chemical weapons in Syria MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. In Moscow doubt the authenticity of the samples received by the intelligence services of France in the area of Khan shaykhun, said the foreign Ministry. As pointed out by the Russian foreign Ministry, in Paris published the report of the French intelligence services with national estimates of alleged use of chemical weapons in the village of Khan shaykhun province of Idlib, Syrian Arab Republic. This is the third — after Turkish and British — national investigation. “It seems that the above-mentioned countries or do not trust the OPCW, or try to influence its work in the right direction. The primary analysis of a five-page French document raises many questions. First of all, they relate to the circumstances under which the French side received samples, taken allegedly at the

The state Duma has launched a social media accounts

The state Duma has launched a social media accounts The Deputy Yevgeny Revenko said that the maintenance of accounts will meet the Department of modern information technologies and new communications. MOSCOW, April 27. /TASS/. The launch of the official account of the state Duma in all the major social networks confirms the trend on the openness of the Parliament to citizens. This opinion was expressed by TASS Deputy, member of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Yevgeny Revenko. Earlier on April 27, the Day of Russian parliamentarism, started official accounts of the lower house in social networks — Vkontakte, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram. “It is a General trend of openness in the work of Parliament. The state Duma seeks to use modern means of communication, which are social network,” said Revenko. He referred to studies showing that the cumulative audience of all social networks has