#Agemate and #volaski: Internet against militant mothers

#Agemate and #volaski: Internet against militant mothers

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti, Victoria Salnikova. In social networks there are more groups dedicated to the phenomenon, which can be placed in a simple “I’m his mother.” Internet users are discussing the aggression and sharpness of the women who recently became mothers, share stories of confrontation with them, quoting the absurd demands.

Similar groups exist for a long time, but only recently they began to use large popularity.


If the score in the search of social network “Vkontakte” the phrase “to Azamat”, then the system will give a few dozen communities. The most popular public signed about a million people, second place is a community with 250 thousand subscribers.

“Agemate” is a new mythological character of the online bestiary. It is women who allow children to go to the toilet next to monuments, fighting in hospitals, pensioners are driven from the field in the trolley and I think that after having children the whole world owe them.

It thus draws the image “I am mothers”, which is actively discussed in social networks. The authenticity of these stories were difficult to verify, therefore, the “Azamat” has become an urban legend — they seem to be there, but none of my friends have not experienced them.

And some mothers allow children to defecate in the memorials.

“Because of an accident lost a leg. Experienced and resigned. Now I have a prosthesis, but I’m not ashamed of it and continue to live as before, calm wear skirts and shorts. Usually meet the approving smile or just confusion in the views of passers-by. But today I was approached by a mother with a child and hit him in the face, citing the fact that I’m his kind destroy the mind of her child. Oh, don’t I do it, lady, Oh, not me” — quoted Internet of the wearer in one of public.

Such stories several hundred thousand. Community updated more than 20 times a day. Most of the stories send yourself subscribers, including childless people and parents.

“Often aggression is associated with unprotected women after childbirth. This is a very difficult time, both physically and emotionally, and a defensive reaction is often expressed in aggressive forms, when a person requires greater attention, feel deprived and resentful. However, it sometimes happens that the syndrome of “I’m a mother” driven by the desire to attract attention, to emphasize their “achievement” — the birth of a child,” said the psychologist, owner of the consulting company Olga Yurkovskaya Consultancies FZE Olga Yurkovskaya.


Another popular character of the Internet bestiary “Volesky”, that is women whose life revolves exclusively around children. Initially the word is used themselves pregnant girls on specialized forums. “Beremenosti”, “petitely”, “togocel”, “Volesky” — their vocabulary, which now works against them.

“Balaski” publish on the Internet pictures of faeces photos of Nude babies or children, I urge others to give birth, and any criticism of the behavior of their children react in a single phrase: “It’s a child, give birth — you would understand.” The children can do whatever he wants to torture animals, to take food from the plates of strangers in a restaurant or to require other passengers of the bus the tablet for games.

“When I was in the sixth class, my mom had a friend who had a son. At that time the boy was in the fourth grade. Each day started with mom waking him up to school and… nursing. After school the first thing she again breastfed him. All her friends and relatives tried to reason with the mother, to explain that the boy is already big and should not do it. All the tips, she replied: “I’m his mother and I know better what we need” or “Well, he asks, he likes it. So it must be so”, — is one of the public history of the Internet the wearer.

“After the baby’s birth not everyone can cope with the hormones and the resulting emotions, so many are faced with the consequences of such “absolute” love for the child. Most often, children who are overprotected and “perelyub”, face problems in communicating with others, as used to be the center of the universe. Parents should give the child an understanding of not only its importance, but to the people around them, especially themselves. It brings respect and empathy, which is very important for socialization,” says psychologist Olga Yurkovskaya.


A successful community in social networks — profitable business, and the public about mothers is no exception. Free you can find the rates for advertising in several popular entertainment groups.

So, advertising the post in the “MDK” (7 850 000 subscribers) is from 45 thousand rubles, in the “Orlenok” (2 420 000 subscribers) — 5 thousand rubles, in the less popular Wornpath (393 000 subscribers) — 450 rubles, and in the community dedicated to computer game DOTA 2 HS (200 thousand subscribers) — 1500 rubles.

The fight against “agemate” is a trend that is likely to, also generates income. “Now the group actually appear on any occasion. This is not a significant factor, it’s just a trend, now pay attention, and due to this, such communities becomes even more. Also with suicidal groups: they were on the Internet 10 years ago, but now it has attracted attention, and as a result — they became even more”, — the psychologist Olga Yurkovskaya.

However, the administrator of the public “to AGEMATE!” Ilya Barblin stresses is more important for them to convey how not to behave in society.

“Our group is more important than the message. We send a huge amount of stories we try to read every. Literally on the first line becomes clear, the truth or the author’s “wild imagination”. We have a team and if history is what is called “hooked”, we communicate directly with the author. How real is history? Sometimes so real that wonder world in which they live,” said he.

“Group shows real examples of how not to behave in society, how not to raise their children. Honestly, from reading some of the stories are hair-raising. Of course, in our group there and share entertainment content. There’s a huge amount of negativity, and our public is so seemingly absurd stories that entertain the reader. In General, we hope that a good mom is much more than the so-called “armature,” continued Elijah.

“Whether our group is of a commercial nature? I tell you this: each project created in “Vkontakte”, Facebook or Instagram, of course, aimed at obtaining a particular benefit. She, commercial or spiritual, let it stay secret,” he said.

Ilya said that he was faced with aggression and rudeness on the part of mothers. “Rudeness we have all the time. This applies not only to “armature”. When such things are read from, it is getting ridiculous. But when such situations relate directly to you, I definitely resent it”, he concluded.