The militants have learned to drop bombs from domestic drones

Terrorists banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” has developed a new munition which can be discharged with ordinary domestic unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). About it reports Reuters with reference to data of experts, Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which track used in modern conflicts, weapons.

“These explosive devices can be thrown, run with the help of a homemade nozzle to firearms or if you are using the latest version — reset with the UAV that you can buy in any store”, — reported experts CAR after a visit to the Iraqi city of Mosul in November, February and March.

Meanwhile, the jihadists themselves in social networks, laid out evidence of bombs from drones in 2016.

According to the staff of the organization, in December, the IG achieved a standardization of arms and established their industrial production, the scale is similar to the military industry in some countries. During the battle for Mosul radicals have new developments, which could lead to increased efficiency and lethality they produce weapons.

The operation to liberate the Western part of Mosul is the unofficial capital of the Iraqi IG — is from February of this year with the participation of aircraft of the international coalition led by the United States. In late March, Iraqi security forces have decided to suspend massive attack due to the increased number of casualties, however, on April 14, the battle for the center of the city resumed.