In Paris, police went on a “March of anger”

In Paris, police went on a “March of anger”

In Paris took place many thousands demonstration police called a “March of anger”. It is reported by Le Figaro.

The action began with a minute of silence in memory of Xavier Gugele, police, killed during the attack on the Champs Elysees on April 20.

“Today is the manifestation of the guards, the sentinels of the Republic, laborers National police”, — said the leader of the trade Union of law enforcement officers of Yves Lefebvre. According to him, the protesters demand that the problems of police drew the attention of both candidates in presidents of the country.

Une quarantaine de #policiers de la #Marne participent à la “marche de la colère policière” ce mercredi à Paris >

— France3-ChampArdenne (@France3CA) 26 APR 2017

Fin de la #manifestation, début de la marche silencieuse jusqu au 102 avenue des Champs-Élysées. #policiers @sudradio

— Steven Gouaillier (@s_gouaillier) 26 APR 2017

As writes the edition, the protesters shouted slogans: “the Police attack — the society is in danger!”, “We work in a hellish rhythm, we have a right to privacy!”.

“Policiers en colère !” Clapping devant l’hopital Necker. #manifestation #policiers #Paris @sudradio

— Steven Gouaillier (@s_gouaillier) 26 APR 2017

As explained in the Union of law enforcement officers, they require an increase in the minimum wage of police officers for 150 euros per month, as well as changes in the schedule of service to have double weekends.

Une marseillaise est par les entonnée #policiers à la fin de la première partie de la manifestation

— Amandine Sanchez (@mandineSanchez) 26 APR 2017

Près de 8000 #policiers selon les organisateurs ont vers des invalides pour exprimer leur colère @franceinfo

— Alice Serrano (@alicserrano) 26 APR 2017

The evening of 20 April in the centre of the French capital there was a shootout in which a policeman was killed. Two more guards were injured. One of the attackers was liquidated in retaliatory fire, the second, presumably, disappeared.