Putin: Kiev’s refusal from PTS helped to create a whole new industry in Russia

The gap of cooperation with Moscow in the field of military-industrial production has led to the emergence in Russia of a new industry. This statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. His words TASS reports.

“We were forced to engage in import substitution and, frankly, it’s useful for us from a technological point of view, because during this time — from December 2014 and today — we created virtually a new branch of science and a new branch of production”, — said Putin.

His statement Putin made during a meeting of the Military-industrial Commission. The head of state noted that before 2014, Russia was buying engines for military vehicles in Ukraine, but then the cooperation stopped. According to the President, the authorities of the country had the choice to look for import, combine, or develop industry in the country.

“We made a decision to develop these sectors and, apparently, did the right thing, because not only gained a competence but also brand new equipment – more modern compared to the one we took before,” – said Putin.

Putin stressed that the Kremlin is ready to resume cooperation with Kiev in that case, “if the right conditions are created”. Relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated after the March 2014 Crimea according to the results of the referendum became part of Russia.