Flax Pen changed the slogan in the eve of the second round of elections

Marine Le Pen Candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen, which supports far-right party “national front”, I changed the slogan in the eve of the second round of elections. It is reported BFMTV. — Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) 26 April 2017, 10:37 Now the slogan of the campaign, Le Pen sounds “to Choose France.” Previously, it was “on behalf of the people.” Presentation of a new slogan and poster was held on Wednesday, April 26. The politician on the poster is wearing a blue jacket and short black skirt. Le Pen sat on the table, exposing his right knee, but the hands are clasped to the castle, put on the table. In the lower left corner of the inscription “marine — President”. Sunday, April 23, passed the first round of the presidential election. For the post of the head of state claimed 11 candidates. The leader of the movement

Moscow has declared its readiness to mediate in negotiations between the Taliban and Kabul

Zamir Kabulov The meeting on Afghanistan in Moscow sent a signal to the leaders of the Taliban and the government on the need for peaceful negotiations. This was stated by the presidential special representative on Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov, according to RIA Novosti. “We need to sit at the negotiating table. Russia is ready to provide a platform, and we must negotiate peace, not war,” said Kabulov. According to him, the parties must realize the necessity of such negotiations. “Now a word for them, we want both sides realize this and they wanted. When they tell us we will be glad,” — said the diplomat. 25 April in the framework of the VI Moscow security conference, foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov has met former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai. As reported, during the meeting, “they exchanged opinions on the current situation in Afghanistan, issues of national reconciliation and the prospects

In the Kremlin commented on Erdogan’s words about changing Putin’s position on Assad

Dmitry Peskov The position of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin about Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad consistent and well known, reminded the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. His words on Wednesday, April 26, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “The phrase that Putin is not an advocate for Assad, is not new, and it was not first spoken in a telephone conversation with President Erdogan. Putin said that phrase earlier in some interview,” Peskov said, commenting on the statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the easing of Moscow’s position in supporting the Syrian leader. A Kremlin spokesman also said that the Russian President is “a lawyer of international law and protector of international law” and defends the position that does not permit making decisions about the future of one country or another third country. “The future of Syria cannot determine neither in Ankara nor Washington, nor Paris,

The Kremlin promised to study the opinion of Russians about Medvedev

Dmitry Peskov The Kremlin will analyze the results of sociological survey on the work of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday, April 26, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “Perhaps we need time to analyse the data. We are always attentive to sociology well, with known tolerances, so to speak,” — said Peskov. Official Kremlin spokesman, however, stressed that the government “bears the burden of many decisions relating to the operational management of the economy”. “Of course, a certain volatility of sociological data can take place,” he said. Earlier Wednesday, RBC released the results of a survey conducted by “Levada Center” on April 7-10. “Definitely for” the resignation of Prime Minister voted 18 percent of the 1.6 thousand respondents, “most likely” and 27 percent. In early March, the Fund of struggle against corruption, founded by opposition leader Alexei Navalny

In Kaliningrad have detained 12 members of the terrorist group

In Kaliningrad have detained 12 members of the terrorist group Terrorists recruited residents of the Kaliningrad region. Immigrants from Central Asia were recruited by residents of the region in the grouping “Islamic Jihad — Jamaat of the Mujahideen*. The cell leader is wanted in Uzbekistan for extremism. KALININGRAD, April 26 — RIA Novosti. In Kaliningrad, the FSB special forces arrested twelve militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic Jihad — Jamaat of the Mujahideen*”, reported the press service of the Ministry. It is noted that the immigrants from Central Asia, possibly involved in the recruitment to terrorist organizations. Intelligence agencies have also installed leader of the cell who was wanted in Uzbekistan for the crimes of an extremist orientation. According to police, he recruited the inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region, including immigrants from Central Asia in the interests of the emissaries of the group “Islamic Jihad — Jamaat Mujahideen”. The detainee

In Istanbul as a result of an explosion on a bus injuring five people

In Istanbul as a result of an explosion on a bus injuring five people In Istanbul as a result of explosion in the van of a private University were injured five people. It is reported by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. As notes the edition, at the moment of explosion in the vehicle were students of the University. After the explosion, the bus lost control and stopped, facing the fence. Injuring four students and the driver. They were hospitalized. The bus in the blast were badly damaged. As reports the edition with reference to eyewitnesses, after the cotton on the bus, they saw the rising smoke. The police believe that the source of the explosion was left in the bus bag. During survey of salon of the minibus, the police found a lot of nails. Law enforcement officers suggested that in a vehicle exploded in an improvised explosive device. The police

Quitters nine-year-old Indonesian lost weight and study hard

Quitters nine-year-old Indonesian lost weight and study hard Nine-year-old Indonesian Aldi rizal (Aldi Rizal) who quit Smoking, lost weight and focused on my classes at school, wrote on Wednesday, April 26, the Daily Mail. Now the boy eats fruits and vegetables, successfully engaged in the fourth grade educational institution. When Rizal was four years old, the government arranged for a rehabilitation, as a result of which the child quit the habit. However, he replaced his addiction to cigarettes on the consumption of food and began to suffer from excess weight. The boy’s parents appealed to the nutritionist, which made for a child a full diet diet. Chain-smoking TWO-year-old, now aged 9, kicks his 40-a-day habit and becomes the star pupil at his primary school https://t.co/VoeGwCXX2H — Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) 26 APR 2017 Rizal acquired popularity in 2010, when pictures of a full two year-old boy with a cigarette in

Matchmaker Sabitova has responded to claims by brides

Matchmaker Sabitova has responded to claims by brides MOSCOW, 26 APR — RIA Novosti. Famous TV matchmaker rose Sabitova believes that imposed on her claim of dissatisfied customers is not justified; she encouraged brides to carefully read the contracts and said it was ready to defend its position. Earlier, lawyer Vladislav Kocherin told RIA Novosti that several brides who Sabitova supposedly never found suitors are asked to bring against it criminal case under article “fraud”. According to him, women were entered into with the matchmaker agreements on the provision of services to “establish contact” with men, but that their obligations were fulfilled. While one of the victims gave Sabitova 250 thousand rubles, said the lawyer. Kocerin explained that the victims have addressed with the statement in OVD “Presnensky”, but was refused: the police motivated the decision with that the conflict is in the sphere of civil relations. The lawyer stressed

Stepashin said about the order of Yeltsin to demolish the Lenin mausoleum

Stepashin said about the order of Yeltsin to demolish the Lenin mausoleum According to the former Prime Minister, he managed to convince the President not to do it. Moscow. April 26. INTERFAX.RU — Former Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin said in an interview with “Historian” about how in 1998 the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin instructed him to demolish the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin. “Me Boris was instructed to demolish the mausoleum. It was 1998,” said Stepashin. At the time he was head of the interior Ministry and was in business trip in the UK. Come, go to him, and in the Cabinet Yeltsin says: Mr Stepashin, I made a decision to demolish the Lenin mausoleum. I said, Well, MIA here with? He said that the interior Ministry should ensure the order.Sergei Stepashin “Well, say, — I understand, I am the Minister and shall comply with the orders of the Supreme

Putin gave start to the production of ship gas turbine engines

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday during a visit to NPO “Saturn” — one of the leading enterprises “United engine Corporation” — launched a large-scale project in the field of import substitution production in Russia of ship gas turbine engines, which are designed to replace previously purchased from the Ukrainian enterprises of the power plant. In the presence of the President of the company has started testing gas-turbine units of M-35P-1 engine M-70ФРУ-2 for marine programs. Putin from the control room gave the command for the technical commissioning of gas turbine unit. Its tests are conducted in a unique Assembly and test complex built in the enterprise. The head of state thanked the employees of NPO “Saturn”, noting that the President is present at a historical for the Russian economy. Putin reminded that the roots of today’s events in 2014, “when some partners refused to supply to