Matchmaker Sabitova has responded to claims by brides

Matchmaker Sabitova has responded to claims by brides

MOSCOW, 26 APR — RIA Novosti. Famous TV matchmaker rose Sabitova believes that imposed on her claim of dissatisfied customers is not justified; she encouraged brides to carefully read the contracts and said it was ready to defend its position.

Earlier, lawyer Vladislav Kocherin told RIA Novosti that several brides who Sabitova supposedly never found suitors are asked to bring against it criminal case under article “fraud”. According to him, women were entered into with the matchmaker agreements on the provision of services to “establish contact” with men, but that their obligations were fulfilled. While one of the victims gave Sabitova 250 thousand rubles, said the lawyer.

Kocerin explained that the victims have addressed with the statement in OVD “Presnensky”, but was refused: the police motivated the decision with that the conflict is in the sphere of civil relations. The lawyer stressed that the applicant asked the Prosecutor to oblige law enforcement authorities to initiate criminal proceedings, the decision on the complaint will be made within one month.

“I respect myself, I respect people, I respect the work that they do. When I got the client, I ask, read, please, the contract. I don’t write there’s nothing in the fine print. It was made, we put back the soul. And you, when you sign your name you say: I agree. But if you don’t read, don’t want to do, you just don’t respect people,” Sabitova told RIA Novosti, adding that he cannot help everyone, “especially those who won’t listen to me”.

At the same time, said the matchmaker, she would “put in place” some dissatisfied clients, revealing the details of their stories, but cannot and does not want to do, because with them something of the mystery of confession.

“25th year has gone, still come to me, I still help, it is still a wedding, children are born. Like it or not like it,” she said.

Sabitova stressed that the agreements clients enter into is not with her personally, and, therefore, all claims should be addressed to the company. In addition, according to her, the Prosecutor’s office at the time sent information about the activities of her organization in the DAEC, which carried out the inspection.

“The authorities say, there was nothing, all right,” she added.

Sabitova said it was ready to defend its position in the civil law field, because it is a law-abiding citizen.

“When people come to me and they appeal to certain authorities which have to deal with this, I always, as a normal citizen, law-abiding, react to it — I come, answer all questions, provide all the documents that I hide, please”, — said the Agency interlocutor.