In the Kremlin commented on Erdogan’s words about changing Putin’s position on Assad

Dmitry Peskov

The position of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin about Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad consistent and well known, reminded the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. His words on Wednesday, April 26, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

“The phrase that Putin is not an advocate for Assad, is not new, and it was not first spoken in a telephone conversation with President Erdogan. Putin said that phrase earlier in some interview,” Peskov said, commenting on the statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the easing of Moscow’s position in supporting the Syrian leader.

A Kremlin spokesman also said that the Russian President is “a lawyer of international law and protector of international law” and defends the position that does not permit making decisions about the future of one country or another third country.

“The future of Syria cannot determine neither in Ankara nor Washington, nor Paris, nor in Berlin, nor in Moscow. Self-determination Syria, only the Syrian people,” — said Peskov, adding that “advocate this idea” is President Putin.

“And there is no change in the approach of speech can not go”, — concluded the representative of the Kremlin.

Earlier, Turkish President in interview to Agency Reuters said that while Assad remains at the head of the Syrian conflict resolution in this country can not be. In addition, Erdogan hinted at the fact that Russia has softened its position regarding the Syrian leader. Commenting on his conversation with Putin, the Turkish leader cited the phrase said to him by the Russian President: “I’m not defending Assad, I am not his lawyer.”

The Russian authorities regularly emphasize that the question of Assad’s future should be resolved by the citizens of Syria. While Ankara and Washington insist on the withdrawal of the Syrian President from office, calling it one of the main conditions for the normalization of the situation in the country.