Quitters nine-year-old Indonesian lost weight and study hard

Quitters nine-year-old Indonesian lost weight and study hard

Nine-year-old Indonesian Aldi rizal (Aldi Rizal) who quit Smoking, lost weight and focused on my classes at school, wrote on Wednesday, April 26, the Daily Mail. Now the boy eats fruits and vegetables, successfully engaged in the fourth grade educational institution.

When Rizal was four years old, the government arranged for a rehabilitation, as a result of which the child quit the habit. However, he replaced his addiction to cigarettes on the consumption of food and began to suffer from excess weight. The boy’s parents appealed to the nutritionist, which made for a child a full diet diet.

Chain-smoking TWO-year-old, now aged 9, kicks his 40-a-day habit and becomes the star pupil at his primary school https://t.co/VoeGwCXX2H

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) 26 APR 2017

Rizal acquired popularity in 2010, when pictures of a full two year-old boy with a cigarette in your mouth posted online. A resident of a village on the island of Sumatra can have up to 40 pieces a day, while riding his tricycle.

In April 2015 it became aware of the other Indonesian Owners Avalide (Dihan Awalidan), which reduced the number of cigarettes smoked up to 16 a day. The boy acquired the habit at the age of three. His parents said that the child could smoke three packs (60 cigarettes) per day.