The United States urged Russia and militias to immediately cease fire in the Donbass


RIA Novosti

The U.S. state Department urged Russia and militias to adhere to the cease-fire in the Donbass, reports Reuters.

“We call on Russia and the separatists it backs to immediately respect the ceasefire, to remove all heavy weapons and to give full and unhindered access of OSCE observers”, — is spoken in the message.

The Ministry also stressed that the United States condemns the attack on the special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine.

“We condemn yesterday’s attack on SMM OSCE and the one onboard the SMM forces the Pro-Russian militia”, — is spoken in the statement.

The us state Department called on the militia to cease attacks on civilian infrastructure, including at the Donetsk filter station, which release previously stated in the self-proclaimed DND.

Earlier in DND stated that the territory of Donetsk filtration plant released by the Ukrainian side, but near the station continues strengthening the dugouts. According to them, the station captured the Ukrainian military.