China successfully tested a new reconnaissance drone “Ilun-2”

China successfully tested a new reconnaissance drone “Ilun-2”

BEIJING, 28 Feb — RIA Novosti, Ivan Bulatov. China conducted a successful test of intelligence multi-UAV new generation “Ilun-2” (“Pterosaur”, the “Flying lizard”), the website

It is reported that the altitude of the unmanned aerial vehicle is 4.1 meters, length — 11 meters, a wingspan of 20.5 metres.

The maximum height, which is capable of lifting “Ilun-2”, is 9 kilometers and a top speed of 370 kilometers per hour. Maximum takeoff weight of 4.2 tons. The drone can stay aloft for 20 hours.

Successful maiden flight of China’s home-developed Wing Loong II, latest reconnaissance and strike #UAS

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) February 28, 2017.

Earlier it was reported that China intends in 2017 to conduct a test flight in near-earth space drone on solar energy and with a wingspan of over 40 meters.