Queen Of Hollywood. The two faces of Elizabeth Taylor

Queen Of Hollywood. The two faces of Elizabeth Taylor

Movie — the way from the Queen of Egypt to insignificant roles in life — from the mistress of Hollywood to all the abandoned alcoholic. “AiF” tells the story of Elizabeth Taylor.

Rosemond Elizabeth Taylor born on 27 February 1932 in London.

Personalizable Taylor

This actress became recognized as the “Queen of Hollywood” and was awarded the prestigious “Oscar” three times already! By the way, Elizabeth Taylor became the first artist in the world, received for filming in the picture is $ 1 million.

Fabulous at the time the fee brought the actress the role of Cleopatra in the historical drama “Cleopatra”. After painting for a long time were in fashion makeup in the style of the Egyptian Queen, women all over the world drew the eyes with black in the manner of Liz Taylor in this role.

On the set of “Cleopatra” began the legendary and beautiful Hollywood novel — the turbulent lovestory of actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. He played Mark Antony.

In 1964 the couple were married. The marriage was 10 years, after which the stars have it canceled. So, a year later, re-married. And again to divorce in a year. Nevertheless, this pair is still considered the most romantic in the history of Hollywood. Together they made 11 films. Burton gave on Valentine’s day for his wife the most expensive pearl in the world called “Wandering”. About the relationship of Taylor and Burton Director Richard Laxton created a television movie in 2013 “Burton and Taylor”.

Psychological drama “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” brought Elizabeth Taylor’s second Oscar.

But unfortunately, along with fame there were problems — Taylor quickly began to gain weight, which is unacceptable for a successful acting career. And the worst thing drugs and alcohol has taken a strong place in the life of the actress. She still continues to play, although role is offered less and less and the scale of the pictures are not amazing. In 1976 starred in the film “Blue bird”. This Soviet-American musical tale based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck.

Communicating with Elizabeth Taylor left an interesting impression on the legends of Soviet cinema Lyudmila anything.

NewsTo the 85-th anniversary of Elizabeth Taylor: 15 witty quotes fatal актрисы27 February marks 85 years since the birth of the great Elizabeth Taylor — Queen of the Hollywood era of its heyday. In honor of this date “Movie Mail.Ru” recalls the most vivid statements of the legendary diva.

“Taylor was conspicuous beauty, — told “AIF” people’s artist. — The beauty is difficult to judge. But the impression Elizabeth made a contradictory… Remember, we were supposed to have lunch on the cruiser, which came from the United States on a friendly visit to Leningrad. The whole group waited a long time for Taylor — she then starred in the film “Blue bird” on the thumbnail. Taylor had to wait long, I became angry, wanted to tell everybody to turn: “you know, well, I also, in General, a woman and actress.”

But finally Elizabeth Taylor appeared. Was absolutely not in the mood, totally did not react neither on us nor on anyone. And only when she saw the two children who starred with her in film, she them started to chat and somehow a little happier. But unfortunately, her mood soured when she learned that the Navy’s ban on alcohol. Then Taylor really discouraged. She perked up when she saw the pretty young Soviet sailor. It involved a woman, she began to smile, casting flirtatious glances.

Her appearance was unusual — I mean the asymmetry of the face.

Elizabeth Taylor was absolutely two different profiles. One profile of the femme fatale, the other profile is a little absurd, a sort of girlish, she is even younger with one hand looked.

As wrote the poet Mary Petrov, “But I swear your right eye sad, careful and strict. And left happier, younger, and more expresses you.” Here’s the half to Taylor prevailed — it’s hard to say. She was so diverse and beautiful on the screen, which is probably the operators knew what angles to shoot, which is more profitable to give the profile a fatal, and more crotchety, cantankerous. Not in vain the operators say: the more asymmetry, the face is considered more attractive”.

Of course, almost more of her paintings, the audience was interested in the personal life of movie Queen Elizabeth Taylor, full wedding tales, divorces, scandals, betrayals, and various vicissitudes. Marriages Elizabeth Taylor was neither more nor less, eight. A lot of gossip gave rise to the fact that the actress was constantly recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It was a completely double life. In the spotlight Taylor sought to impress still shining Queen. And the house really drunk.

She died completely alone. It was a very full, absolutely patient, who suffered many illnesses, brain surgery, woman. Trampled inglorious end of his career and personal life.