Poll: majority of Americans believe that Congress should investigate when the trump of the Russian Federation


RIA Novosti

Most Americans believe that the U.S. Congress should initiate an investigation aimed to find out whether there had been contacts between the members of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump and representatives of Russia during the election campaign last year. This is evidenced by published on Friday the results of a nationwide sociological poll carried out by broadcaster NBC in cooperation with the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

About 53% of the respondents believe that Congress should investigate periodically appearing in the us media allegations that such contacts were alleged to have taken place. 25% of respondents oppose it.

While 54% of respondents are also convinced of the need for a congressional investigation of alleged RF interference in American elections. About 29% of the respondents considered that such verification is not carried out. Unsubstantiated insinuations that Russia has somehow interfered in the election of the President of the United States, repeatedly denied by Moscow.

NBC and The Wall Street Journal also asked respondents to report their opinion about the relationship between trump and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. About 38% of respondents believe that relations with the American and Russian leaders were too friendly. 29% of respondents believe that it is not so; 32% could not answer this question.

On Thursday the broadcaster CNN has published an article which claimed that FBI Director James Comey personally refused the White house request to raise the American media and to refute the allegations about the contacts between members of staff of the trump and the representatives of the Russian Federation during the election campaign in the United States. Earlier information that these contacts supposedly took place, was published in the New York Times. The White house also said that I think the speculation about some special relationships trump of Russia “non-existent story”.

Trump and his assistants in the administration lately regularly accuse American journalists in the publication of false data. The President of the United States a week ago in its official microblog on Twitter called The New York Times and CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC enemies of the American people.