The white house has called the goal of increasing military budget of the USA

The white house has called the goal of increasing military budget of the USA

Moscow. 27 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the desire of the President of the United States Donald trump to increase defense spending caused only by necessity to provide military to all necessary for effective service, said Monday the White house spokesman Sean Spicer.

To a journalist’s question about, are there fears in Washington that such a decision will provoke an arms race in the world, he replied: “No. If you look at the state of our army, its infrastructure, it becomes clear that we need very much to repair, restore”.

According to him, the Senate proposal by trump to increase defense spending get the support of both Republicans and many Democrats. “When it comes to security, it is a topic that is important to both parties,” said Spicer.

For increasing the defense budget of the US administration to enlist the support of at least 60 senators. This means that Republicans will need to convince the part of democratic senators to agree to the proposal of trump.

Earlier, the White house confirmed the information Agency Associated Press, which reported the President’s plans to increase military spending by $54 billion this was stated by the head of the office of management and budget Mick Mulvaney. “This will be the biggest increase (in defense spending — if) in history,” he said.

According to Mulvaney, the preliminary budget will be presented to the American Congress “to 16 March.” The final version will be ready in may this year.

As a whole, the US Federal budget on 2018 financial year involves the reduction of external costs and the increase in domestic added Mulvaney. Fiscal year in the U.S. begins on October 1.