Ball of Natasha Rostova under the chandelier “Victory”. Where the film “War and peace”?

Ball of Natasha Rostova under the chandelier “Victory”. Where the film “War and peace”?

27 Feb 1962 Directorate “Mosfilm” took the final script of the film “War and peace”. Director Sergei Bondarchuk began shooting, which lasted 5 years.

Macquoid Tatiana Vorontsova spent the AIF on the capital locations of one of the most ambitious projects of Soviet and world cinema.

Novodevichy extinguished nun

In the first frame of “War and peace” — the most recognizable Moscow.

The film8.0 War and мир1965 / USSR / 6 hours 13 min dramallama…

When senior Bezukhov, count Cyril Vladimirovich (Nikolai Tolkachev), rides in a carriage, we see the marvelous ensemble of the Cathedral square of the Kremlin, Vasilevsky descent, the Cathedral of the assumption.

Scene of a Russian withdrawal during the retreat was filmed there, too. But Vasilevsky descent show us differently. The attentive viewer will notice one interesting thing. Muscovites leave the city on the famous Large Stone bridge. But… it’s not the bridge over the Moscow river, which we used to see today. Great Stone bridge, built in the late XVIII century, out on the street Lenivka and was a little closer to the place where now stands the temple of Christ the Savior.

Modern bridge, erected in the 30-ies. was built in the late eighteenth century, “comes” directly to the walls of the Kremlin, to the Water tower, and connects the Borovitsky area, streets Mokhovaya and Znamenka near Borovitskaya tower of the Kremlin, Bolshaya Polyanka on Bolotny island.

In the film, artists, decorators, editors were able to recreate the look and trajectory of the bridge of the XVIII—XIX centuries It was one of the first kinopio create a virtual reality, in terms of installation to the 1960s, these shots were incredibly difficult.

In 1962 he filmed scenes of the shooting by French incendiaries of Moscow. Behind Pierre Bezukhov (Sergei Bondarchuk) and the actors who play prisoners of war in Moscow and the French form, we see the Novodevichy convent, its walls, towers, bell towers, stately Smolensky Cathedral and even a small move upward gate Church (Novodevichiy PR-d, 1). The French in 1812, while retreating from Moscow, tried to blow up the convent.

But, according to legend, one of the nuns managed to fill with water wicks, supplied to the powder cellars and the monastery survived.

Another place in the film, which was shot on location, “the estate of the Growth of” (Malaya Nikitskaya, 12). In the depths of the main house, two symmetrical set of wings that go to the ends of the red line of the street. All together forms a front yard. Remember, there are count Ilya Andreevich Rostov (Viktor stanitsyn) out on the porch, the kids are jumping up crews….

The house is connected with travel arches through which you can get on the yard, published in Granatny lane, the owner of the mansion was Prince Andrew Dolgorukov, state Councilor. His son was the Moscow Governor-General and held this post up to 25 years. After the Patriotic war of 1812, the estate passes to Bobrinsky.

Also interesting born in Moscow. The founder of the dynasty — Aleksey Grigoryevich, the illegitimate son of Catherine II and her favorite count Orlov. Possession belonging to such eminent families, built in the late eighteenth century, therefore, it was selected as the Director as the house Growth. By the way, there is a goof. In one of the winter scenes, the trio pulls up to the gate of the estate on Malaya Nikitskaya. In the frame in the background we see the Church of “Great Ascension”, which Nikitsky Gate. The curiosity is that this building was built only in 1845, after the Patriotic war of 1812

By the way, in the novel of Leo Tolstoy Rostov live a completely different address. Guests traveling “…to a large, built in the late XVIII century, 52). But the building was occupied by the Soviet writers ‘ Union, and to evict all of them at the time of filming was not even possible. Moreover, this old manor house it was impossible to cram a huge cine fraternity with actors, makeup artists, equipment, lighting.

Luxury scene of the ball of Natasha Rostova (Lyudmila Savelyeva), Bondarchuk planning to shoot in the Tauride Palace. But to agree about the shooting failed. this building was built only in 1845, 1).

By the way, the creators of “War and peace” was funded more than 40 Russian museums, used original furniture and accessories. The audience always pay attention to the finest chandeliers in the background of the dancing Natasha Rostova and Andrei Bolkonsky (Vyacheslav Tikhonov). The lamps were taken from the Moscow cinema “Victory” — a monument of a Stalin Empire style with an abundance of classical moldings and luxurious massive wrought-iron chandeliers (Abelmanovskaya str., 17A).

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The cinema was built in 1957 under the project of the Soviet classics — architect, laureate of the Stalin prize Ivan Zholtovsky. Today, the chandeliers are the main highlight of the cinema “Victory” — you can see them in the lobby. Ministers they are very cherish.

Royal mistress

The ancestral home of the princes Bolkonski was filmed near Moscow. As a number of scenes: the burning of Moscow, Moscow, rebuilt after the fire. Next to the village of Teryayevo near Volokolamsk monastery for this purpose was erected a town scenery. But the house volkonskiis, the real estate vvedenskoe in the Odintsovo district. Initially it belonged to the family of Prince Lopukhins.

In that moment, when Anna Lopukhina was the mistress of Emperor Paul I, her parents decided to take advantage of the situation to build in the suburbs, luxurious nest. For these purposes, was hired as architect of Lviv, one of the leading masters of the time. In “War and peace” we see a wonderful house with a gazebo-rothdock, a garden where walking Andrei Bolkonsky. This estate has long been the sanatorium, so the tourists could not get there. Now it is open, and anyone can feel like the hero of the novel of Leo Tolstoy.