The second day the explosion occurred in the suburbs of the Syrian al-Baba


In the suburbs of the Syrian al-Baba was a second 24 Feb explosion. As in the first case, was blown up by a car bomb. According to Al Jazeera, the attack killed eight people.

The channel also notes that the number of victims of the first explosion has risen to 53 people. At the same time, the newspaper The Hindu reports that 62 of the victims. The majority of them civilians.

23 February it became known that the units of the Syrian free army (the armed opposition) with the support of the Turkish military managed to capture almost the entire territory of El-Baba, the last stronghold of the terrorists “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in the Northern province of Aleppo.

February 24, Reuters issued a statement of the Turkish General staff, which reported on the establishment of full control over al-Bab.

The battle for the city, located northeast of Aleppo and about 30 kilometers from the border with Turkey, was conducted from December 2016.