Spaniard suspected in the murder of born in marriage c Russian children

A native of Spain, 38-year-old Juan Sergio Oliva gómez (Gómez, Juan Sergio Oliva) is detained on suspicion in murder of two young children born in the marriage with a Russian woman. According to the newspaper Diario de Sevilla, the crime was committed in the German town of Aurich (lower Saxony) last Saturday, however, it has become known only now.

Body children four and five years in the house of Gomez, found their mother, 34-year-old Julia lantuh that within a few months living separately with his former partner (it is unclear whether the couple was divorced). Beside it also found the bloodied Gomez. The autopsy showed that the children died as a result of a blow to the head with a blunt object.

The man later told police that an unknown person allegedly broke into his home, killed the sons, and then attacked him. However, this version of the confirmation is not found: according to neighbors, nothing suspicious near the house of Gomez occurred.

Gomez and lantuh moved to Germany from Seville in 2014. Diario de Sevilla notes that relations between spouses were often strained, and the father of the family often suffered from depression. A few months ago lantuh moved out with the children, and then Gomez made several threats that can hold over them punishment. Despite this, the judge ruled that the boys should spend some time with his father.

The day before the murder the woman was going to pick up his sons from daycare, but when she got there, she was told that they went with Gomez. She called him and he assured her everything was okay and offered to take the children, as expected, on Sunday evening. However, the mother came a day early and found sons killed. Currently, both the mother and father of the victims are in the hospital.