The media learned about the plan of the Democrats to overthrow the trump

Donald Trump

In the US Democratic party developed a plan for the removal from power of President Obama Donald trump. About it reports on Friday, February 24, RT.

According to him, the strategy was invented by the activist and Democrat David Brock, she was released in Florida after a meeting of the party with investors. The document referred to measures, which should lead to the impeachment of trump until 2020.

The main of them is criticism of all errors of the current President of the United States. The Democrats intend to closely monitor the trump and his family, to sue for misuse of official position. It is also planned to establish a special team which will monitor the actions of the new administration and the relationship of the President with leaders of other countries.

The key task is called and countering misinformation in the media, supporting the President. The Democrats intend to cooperate in this matter, including Facebook. In addition, it is planned to ban the Trump to give an interview by phone and require to personally answer all questions.

For the realization of the strategy for all investors and citizens are encouraged to work together.

RT notes that Brock is known as one of the main allies of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who fought against trump for the presidency. The party members do not take him seriously and criticized the harsh statements and “stupid, overly expensive projects.”

Trump won the election November 8, 2016, and became the 45th President of the United States. He was inaugurated on January 20 in Washington.