The man survived after falling from a bridge in Novosibirsk: video

On the morning of 24 February with a Utility bridge in Novosibirsk, jumped local. A message about the incident appeared in the group of “Rescuers of the MASSES” in “Vkontakte”.


The tragedy took place at 11 am local time. Tridtsatipjatiletnego man who tried to jump off a bridge, noticed a passing woman. She immediately reported this to the police. She said that the man jumped himself, have been confirmed by several witnesses.


Promptly arrived rescuers, coordinated law enforcement officers on the airboat was able to get to Novosibirsk and to get him out of the river Ob. Rescued showed signs of life, but he showed a serious loss of body heat. The man was transferred to the ambulance. It is noted that the victim was on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.


On a place works operatively-an investigation team. Investigated all the circumstances of the incident.

Video: Rescuers of MASS / Vkontakte