American Democrats have developed a plan to overthrow trump

Representatives of the US Democratic party developed a plan to overthrow the American President Donald trump, writes RT.


After a meeting of Democrats with investors in Florida was the announcement of the programme. Prepared by David Brock, the document contains a plan for the removal of tramp from the government. The authors are confident that the impeachment of a Republican can occur before 2020.


According to them, their main weapon is criticism of the errors of the current us leader. It is planned that there will be a team that will keep track of every step of the new administration, to observe the relationship of the President with his foreign colleagues.


The main task of the opposition Democrats called the alleged conservative misinformation in the media, in favour of trump. And the Democrats intend to cooperate with the social network Facebook that unnecessary news did not spread in the country.

Photo: Olivier Douliery / CNP / AdMedia / Globallookpress