Daughter trump convinced him not to withdraw from the climate Treaty

The daughter of Donald trump, Ivanka, along with her husband persuaded the White house that the U.S. should not withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal.


Anonymous knowledgeable sources say that trump after talking with her daughter removed mention of this from the agreement prepared for signature of the draft decrees. Ivanka allegedly managed to prove to my father that the environmental problem must be one of the priorities that will be decided by the administration trump.


The change in position of the trump in the Paris agreement of 180 degrees is another proof of how much influence Ivanka trump and her husband have a policy of an American President, the newspaper concludes.


That the U.S. withdraws from the agreement on climate, Donald trump has repeatedly said during his election campaign. In particular, the presidential candidate said that the United States in this regard are unreasonably large financial loss.

Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/ dpa/ Globallookpress