In Tver lit up the children’s regional hospital

In Tver lit up the Children’s regional clinical hospital (DOKB). On Friday, February 24, according to the portal

According to him, around midnight, the flames on the roof of the building on the street of Stepan Razin. At first the fire was given the third difficulty level, and then he was promoted to fourth.

It was reported that the fire spread over an area of 150 square meters, but in 01:00 it became known that the fire area was 250 square metres, and after half an hour — more than 1,600 square meters of the attic, the fire spread to the third floor. There have been several collapses of ceilings.

From the burning building were evacuated more than 130 people — all of the patients and staff. There were no injuries. First, children were placed in nearby new hospital building, later the portal said that “preparing the evacuation of the new building DOKB, where previously moved the children.”

“Previously it is established that the fire started in one of the rooms on the third floor,” writes

On the website of the Central Board of EMERCOM in the Tver region said that the elimination of fire involved 57 rescuers and 18 vehicles.