In St. Petersburg police officer shot a robber with a pistol award

Reserve officer shot one of the robbers who attacked him in the Parking lot near a shopping Mall in St. Petersburg. On Wednesday, February 22, “Interfax” reported the press service of the Main Department of internal Affairs across Petersburg and Leningrad region.

The incident occurred at about 14:15 GMT on the street Savushkina. The Ministry said that shortly before the attack the man received the money. When he came out to the Parking lot, a group of attackers were already waiting for him. One of them shot at the officer, presumably from a traumatic weapons. The bullet hit him in his briefcase. After that the victim returned fire with a premium gun, which he had with him.

“One of the attackers was killed. Presumably, the second (…) shot. After that, the criminals fled the scene. Currently, the city police declared the plan “Interception”, aimed at their detention,” — said the press service, without specifying how many people were involved in the attack.

The police also noted that considers the question of the awarding officer.

“Rosbalt” with reference to own sources reported that the attack involved the citizens of Abkhazia. According to the publication, they disappeared on the car of gray color. The car has damage from the downed gate.