In Moscow canceled the recommended payments to doctors for advanced degrees

The Department of health of Moscow issued a decree according to which medical institutions of the city will be expected to set the size of surcharges to employees for academic degree and title in the presence of material opportunities. On Wednesday, February 22, according to video News Service.

Adopted in may of 2015 the order established doctors with honorary titles and academic degrees of the Supplement in the recommended amount of up to 30 percent of salary. The doctorate would pay up to 20 percent of the salary, candidate of Sciences — to 10 percent.

In the new order No. 1033 of December 26, 2016 “On amendments to the order of the health Department of the city of Moscow from 09.06.2012 No. 531” there is no concept of “fee for degree” and “additional honorary title”. Now the amount of the incentive payments the hospital will be set individually.

In 2014, the doctors were protesting against the reform of Moscow healthcare, implies a significant optimisation — close 28 health facilities and reduction of about seven thousand employees. Laid-off workers paid compensation up to 500 thousand rubles, and also given the opportunity to be retrained at the expense of the city budget.