A major fire at a children’s hospital in Tver extinguished

Firefighters liquidated open burning in the building of Children’s regional clinical hospital in Tver. This was reported on the website EMERCOM of Russia across the Tver region.

To extinguish the fire involved 232 people and 69 units of equipment.

Experts not yet called the preliminary cause of the fire, but we know that it happened in the attic and in the establishment of fire alarm, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the government of the region.

The Governor of the region Igor Rudenya held a meeting, according to the website of the regional administration. He gave instructions to the regional Ministry of health, aimed at making the work of the hospital, despite the fire damage, was conducted in a regular mode.

Rudena also instructed the Ministry to examine the building after the fire, and to prepare proposals for its restoration. The emergency Department and main Department of regional security should conduct a survey of all health facilities in the region for efficiency fire alarms.

The evacuated patients were divided according to the units of the new hospital buildings. To provide medical care to employ additional staff.

The flames broke out on the roof of the building on the street of Stepan Razin around midnight. At first the fire was given the third difficulty level, and then he was promoted to fourth. From the attic, the fire spread to the third floor. Collapsed roof and ceiling.