Russia lost a dispute with the WTO over the European pigs

The world trade organization (WTO) rejected an appeal against the decision on recognition discrimination for the refusal of Russia from European pork. About it reports Reuters. “Today’s verdict confirms that the measures taken by Russia against the EU, have little in common with any real sanitary risk. European products from uninfected areas safe,” — commented the decision of the WTO appellate body in the European Commission. In Brussels, urged Moscow to abandon the “unnecessary action” and noted that the supply of most products to Russia are still impossible due to the current in 2014 in relation to the EU and other countries food embargo. Russia banned the import of pigs, pork and certain pig products from the EU in early 2014 due to cases of African swine fever. In April of the same year, Brussels has initiated a legal battle with Moscow to the WTO. In August 2016, the panel

The lower house of the Dutch Parliament approved the EU Association and Ukraine

The lower house of the Dutch Parliament on Thursday, February 23, approved the ratification of the Association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, reports TASS. For made the majority of deputies, despite the results held on 6 April 2016, the referendum, the results of which 61 percent of participants voted against ratification. Then is to vote in the upper house of Parliament. According to experts, it will occur not earlier than autumn, and almost certainly, the Association of EU and Ukraine is approved. At the final EU summit on 15 December it was agreed the ratification of the Association agreement of Ukraine with the EU taking into account the conditions of the Netherlands. Ukraine was denied the right to become a candidate for membership in the European Union, as well as providing military guarantees and additional funding. The agreement does not allow the Ukrainians to live and work in

SK Novgorod detained the beat physicians of the patient

A resident of Great Nowogrod, who attacked doctors of a local hospital, detained and also accused of “violence against police”. This is the official website of the regional TFR.   “He explained that cafe the holiday with their colleagues. Currently explained that was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication and did not remember anything happening,” – said the TFR in the Novgorod region.   Earlier it was reported that the head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin gave the order to immediately initiate the issue of transfer of investigation of criminal case about beating of doctors by a drunk patient in the Novgorod investigating bodies of the administration of Novgorod region.   According to the regional Department of health, a man rushed into a hospital with a laceration on the face, in the emergency room he suddenly started to behave aggressively and to beat doctors. As a result, the

Mat attacked Gorlovka with artillery

In the Donbass fighting resumed between the APU soldiers and fighters of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic, reported by “Russian spring”.   According to the publication, an intense battle ensued in the North of Gorlovka at seven in the evening. APU soldiers use mortars, several shells fell in the southwestern part of the city.   In addition, as of eight PM was recorded fighting with artillery in the area of Debaltsevo and Yasinovataya checkpoint. Locals also say that the fighting is near the Airport.   “The airport, loud, really”, – quotes the edition of the quote of one of the locals. Photo: Ministry Of Defense Of Ukraine

On February 23 in Moscow started a large-scale fireworks: video

Today Russia celebrates Day of defender of the Fatherland. In honor of this holiday in all the major cities of the country thundered the salute. In the capital, fireworks were launched from 16 different sites. TV channel “Zvezda” publishes spectacular footage of Moscow salute in honor of defender of the Fatherland Day.   After the fireworks thundered gun artillery salute. For sound effect shots firing units will support blank shots 18 76-millimeter guns ZIS-3 times of the great Patriotic war. And the main points to start the fireworks will be Vorobyovy Gory and Poklonnaya Gora.

Deputies of the state Duma has set a limit of costs of transport in regions

The Committee on rules and organization of work of the state Duma proposed to allocate about 300 thousand rubles a year for the transport service of deputies during the regional weeks and vacations on the territory of Russia. It is reported Agency city news “Moscow” on Wednesday, February 22. “We have approved the limit on one member, based on the estimates, in my opinion, 296 (thousand rubles — approx. “Of the”) for the year”, — said the Chairman of the Committee Olga Savastyanova. According to her, the approval of that amount going to the Council of the state Duma. When this issue will be discussed at the meeting, is still unknown. If a limit is approved, the total cost of the transport service representatives in the regions will be about 133 million. On 26 January it was reported that the Council will get to work in 2017, more than

On Altai the child died under a snow avalanche

As a result of avalanches in the village of Aya of the Altai region killed 12-year-old boy. On Thursday, February 23, reported on the website of the investigative Department of the regional TFR. Emergency workers in the evening of 22 February caused the parents of the teenager, concerned about his prolonged absence. Rescuers found and retrieved the boy’s body, and arrived on-call doctors pronounced him dead. On the death of a child SU TFR initiated the audit, are the circumstances of the incident. In late January under a snow avalanche that came down in the Murmansk region in the area of Kirovsk, were three tourists. At this time in the Khibiny was a group of tourists from 11 people who rode on snowmobiles. Two trapped under the snow tourists were killed, the third managed to find alive.

The apartment in Domodedovo exploded washing machine

Using the washing machine, presumably, was the cause of the cotton in the five story building in the Moscow suburb of Domodedovo. About this “Interfax” said a source in the emergency services. According to him, the result of injuries to two women, they were hospitalized. Cotton occurred on Thursday, February 23, in the kitchen in one of apartments of a house. “In the room was broken window frame,” — said the Agency interlocutor. On a place of incident the fire started on the area of six square meters, which was quickly extinguished by rescuers. The building was evacuated and 25 residents, but all of them have already returned home. The threat of a building collapse there. Initially, the source RIA Novosti news Agency reported the explosion of the gas mixture in the apartment on the second floor of the house 10/1 on the street Ilyushin. The source also said that

In Uzbekistan at the chemical plant explosion has died

In Uzbekistan at the chemical plant explosion has died TASHKENT, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the East of Uzbekistan, in the Fergana JSC “Ferganaazot”, the largest nitrogen fertilizer producer in the country, there was an explosion, there are victims, informs the Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic. “At 14.30 (GMT) during maintenance and installation work in an ammonia plant explosion. There are casualties,” — said in the message. The death toll is not specified. According to the MOE, created a governmental Commission to ascertain the causes and circumstances of the accident and providing necessary assistance to the families of the victims.

Cannabis plantation found in the British nuclear bunker

Cannabis plantation found in the British nuclear bunker British police found several thousand marijuana plants in an underground bunker in the 1980-ies in the County of Wiltshire in the South of the country, built in case of nuclear war. This was reported by the newspaper the Telegraph. In the bunker had grown cannabis with a total value of one million pounds (about 1.25 million dollars). The police were able to get to the bunker on the night of February 23 by using the keys seized from coming out from there the three men 27, 30 and 45 years. Marijuana grown another three Britons, they are found inside. “I’m sure this is one of the largest plantations, which is in Wiltshire. I’m glad we managed to stop this process,” said a police inspector Paul Franklin. Wiltshire”s “biggest cannabis factory” found in an underground nuclear bunker in Chilmark — BBC Wiltshire