Cannabis plantation found in the British nuclear bunker

Cannabis plantation found in the British nuclear bunker

British police found several thousand marijuana plants in an underground bunker in the 1980-ies in the County of Wiltshire in the South of the country, built in case of nuclear war. This was reported by the newspaper the Telegraph.

In the bunker had grown cannabis with a total value of one million pounds (about 1.25 million dollars). The police were able to get to the bunker on the night of February 23 by using the keys seized from coming out from there the three men 27, 30 and 45 years. Marijuana grown another three Britons, they are found inside. “I’m sure this is one of the largest plantations, which is in Wiltshire. I’m glad we managed to stop this process,” said a police inspector Paul Franklin.

Wiltshire”s “biggest cannabis factory” found in an underground nuclear bunker in Chilmark

— BBC Wiltshire (@BBCWiltshire) 23 Feb 2017

According to him, the bunker is about 20 rooms 60 meters in length and 21 in width. Each of them provided with equipment for growing cannabis. The inspector also said that to draw conclusions about the exact weight of the drug was found earlier.

In some countries such as the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium and the United States, marijuana is legal and sold in special shops. The hemp market is growing with great speed, and firms earn on the sale of millions of dollars.