SK Novgorod detained the beat physicians of the patient

A resident of Great Nowogrod, who attacked doctors of a local hospital, detained and also accused of “violence against police”. This is the official website of the regional TFR.


“He explained that cafe the holiday with their colleagues. Currently explained that was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication and did not remember anything happening,” – said the TFR in the Novgorod region.


Earlier it was reported that the head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin gave the order to immediately initiate the issue of transfer of investigation of criminal case about beating of doctors by a drunk patient in the Novgorod investigating bodies of the administration of Novgorod region.


According to the regional Department of health, a man rushed into a hospital with a laceration on the face, in the emergency room he suddenly started to behave aggressively and to beat doctors. As a result, the nurse was hospitalized with a concussion, and the nurse with a fractured facial bones of the skull. A hospital security guard also were injured.