Guterres proposed the creation of the UN office for the fight against terrorism

Guterres proposed the creation of the UN office for the fight against terrorism

UN, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti, Olga Denisova. UN chief Antonio Guterres has proposed the creation of the world organization, the office for combating terrorism, he said this at a meeting of member States of the UN General Assembly.

Speaking at an informal meeting on terrorism, Guterres launched an initiative “to create a new counter-terrorism operation, which will be headed by a new Deputy Secretary General”.

At the moment there is a UN counter-terrorism Committee of the Security Council. The structure was established by the UN security Council in 2001 shortly after the September 11 attacks in the United States.

Guterres proposed structure, he said, will not supervise, or interfere with existing structures of the UN security Council, and will report to the UN General Assembly through the Secretary General of the organization.

Our goal is to build a new partnership with member States to counter the international threat of terrorism, to respond to that need, nemedlenno Guerrelyne UN

“The proposed new control is not to infringe on the sovereignty of any of the member States. The new office will support and be carried out upon request of member States, the main feature of which is to perform counter-terrorism strategy of the UN,” — said the Secretary General.

He asked the representatives of the countries-members of the world organization to present their views orally or in writing within two weeks. The Secretary General intends to reflect in the report on the implementation of counter-terrorism strategy, which will be available until may. “I will be working closely with the President of the General Assembly to continue the consultative approach,” said the Secretary General. —0-