Media: an American journalist said about the presence of dirt on CNN

Media: an American journalist said about the presence of dirt on CNN

MOSCOW, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. American journalist and conservative activist James O’keefe said that he has a “secret hours” entry, compromising the CNN. He also noted that the information was obtained legally. This was reported on the website of the company.

“My audience, the American people are deeply disappointed with the media. We think that our media needs to be held accountable, including CNN,” said the journalist, noting that the channel plays an important role in the information field.

The activist also said that his goal is not only CNN, but also other media

According to him, due to the huge amount of data, it was not possible to carefully read all information. This means that the network will be published “raw information” that reminds me of a story from WikiLeaks, the newspaper notes.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump called the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, enemies of the people by publishing false news. Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the us media in the dissemination of false information.

At a press conference dedicated to the representation of the candidate on a post of the Minister of labour, the President criticized journalists for CNN’s “hatred and bias” against him. Trump also called “nonsense” message of the relationship of administration with Russia.