Syrian massacre: ISIS and “opposition” were beheaded each other

In the Syrian province of Daraa militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” are fighting with a member of the Free Syrian army group “Hayat Tahrir al-sham”, reports “Russian spring”.


During fierce clashes the terrorists kill each other. The ISIS published February 20 frames with 20 killed in southern Daraa province by members of the Syrian “opposition”. Photos and video footage published the militants of the local branch of ISIS, the band of “the Army of Khalid bin Waleed.” According to terrorists, they destroyed about 110 members of the Free Syrian army.


The “Islamic state” managed to strengthen previously conquered positions. The rebels captured a T-55 tank, infantry fighting vehicles, pick-up trucks with anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank TOW and a huge amount of ammunition and weapons of the members of the “opposition”.


Meanwhile, the Free Syrian army released footage of a large number of brutally killed by ISIL militants, in particular with their heads cut off. It is noted that the “moderate opposition” regrouped on 21 February and recaptured the village of Galin.

Photo: maytham / Twitter / Chris Tomson /