Military Prosecutor of Ukraine has received from his wife a gift of 1.5 million rubles

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios declared a gift worth almost 683 thousand hryvnia (about one and a half million rubles). What exactly presented your spouse Irina change drum – not specified, reports RIA Novosti Ukraine.


According to the publication, the data on the gift Matios stated on 21 February. in the Declaration on the website of the National Agency on preventing corruption.


The only thing that is known is that the gift was made in kind.


It is worth noting that in the Declaration for last year Matios also pointed out a gift from his wife. Then he received in non-monetary form 432 thousand hryvnia.


We add that the spouse of the chief military Prosecutor is the beneficiary of companies “Palexpo”, “Empire”, “the Taurian perspective” Grain “Tavria”, “San and San Mariupol LTD” and other. Income the change drum only dividends from “Palexpo” and “Empire” has exceeded 32 million.


Photo: Wikimedia